Sunday, March 30, 2014

Merchant Ship Attacked in Strait of Hormuz

A merchant ship came under attack today in the Strait of Hormuz. Six unknown assailants armed with machine guns shot at the ship from a speedboat in close range; Reuters quoted NATO Shipping Center as saying. The ship reportedly repelled the attack with hoses and the vessel and crew are safe.

The attack happened on the Gulf of Oman side of the Strait of Hormuz. Earlier in the day, an oil tanker was approached by two speedboats with crews wearing military uniform, NATO said.

“Two green colored skiffs with three-four persons on board in military clothing and armed with machines guns got to 150 meters of a merchant vessel,” the NATO merchant shipping alert service said in a statement. “After a while the skiffs turned away to Iranian coast.” (Reuters, 30 March)

It was too early to say if the two incidents, 90 minutes apart in the same general area, were related. NATO did not offer any comments, but said it will investigate the incidents.

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Anonymous said...

lol, the terrorist regime's main naval vessel (a cheap speed boat) was repelled by water cannons.

good luck taking on the US navy with that, not that the air force wouldn't bomb every thing related to Iran's navy within a few days.

Gurney said...

what are the renegade Baseejis up to now... hm? what did they possibly hope to achieve ...huh?

Anonymous said...

very probably first a pirat attack, later a inranian patrol boot to see what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Very miserable propaganda by 'altar boy(z)' at the 12:12 and 12:34 PM.

Are you the same one, behind both of those posts ?

Anonymous said...

very probably an attack from an Iranian patrol boat, then a pirate to laugh at the Iranians.

Anonymous said...

how ridicolous
in persian we have say " Bad Joke - Yakkh Kardam"
why should an iranian patrol boat attack a merchant ship ?
why the pirats should waer iranian military uniform ( as in the second Boat) and sait to iranian water ?

Gurney said...

Hello, have you been living on another planet?

Bassejis act just like pirates in those tiny boats. After all these years and they still can't pull off a marauding maneuver. That's how incompetent they are.

Anonymous said...

Which bassiji
Basiji are making priratery while wearing irani miltary unfirom ?
are the basiji milita, which is a land - Infantry force are present in Persian Golf Marine ?

your logic make nonsense, there is not one evidence that basiji attack those ships and
The Iranian Patrol Boot are driven by IGRC, I doubt one single member of Bassiji militia are present an persian golf