Thursday, March 6, 2014

Iran naval commando force anti-piracy exercise, Bandar Abbas

Iran naval commando rappels from IRINA Agusta (Sikorsky) AS-61A-4, serial 8-2315

Iran naval commando force ("harbor security") take prisoner "red team" participants of anti-piracy exercise near Bandar Abbas.

NAJI 12 SAR high speed light craft (MMSI 422318000) of Iranian Coast Guard

Genno tug (IMO: 9507623) assisting anti-piracy exercise

Iranian naval commando force members equipped with AKMS type assault rifle and T9 type SMG

Disused, towed vessel utilized for Iran naval force commando ("harbor security") training exercise

Iran naval force commando armed with SVD type rifle

IRINA Agusta (Sikorsky) AS-61A-4, serial 8-2303

Azarakhsh909 passenger vessel utilized for Iran naval force commando ("harbor security") training exercise

Photos: Hamed Tahamtan at Tasnim News Agency


Mark Pyruz said...

Smart looking Norwegian-built SAR boat. 5th Fleet sailors are familiar with it.

Nader Uskowi said...

I looked but could not find if this exercise was planned in advance. Interesting nonetheless that it's held the day after KLOS C interception by the Israeli naval commandos.