Friday, March 7, 2014

8 March: The International Women's Day

Happy Women's Day!

File photo: Women's Day demonstration; Tehran, 8 March 1979


Mark Pyruz said...

My aunt was a member of the Iranian delegation to the UN for the International Women's Year, 1975.

Nader Uskowi said...

That's really cool! Do you have any photos of the delegation?

Anonymous said...

These were the same women who wore chadors and demonstrated against the system that protected them. What ever anybody thinks about the previous regime,one thing for sure they promoted womens rights and the family protection law.
These women were hoodwinked by backward and charlatan mullahs and so-called "intellectuals" by false promises of bed of roses. They spat on the hands of their guarantor and received from Mr "Hich" one big belakh!

Anonymous said...

and treatment of women in Iran has gone backwards since then.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:23PM

Why would they suddenly choose to wear the Islamic dress only to discard it for (and change back to) modern style clothing? And why would they fight against the Shah when the man had created laws that ensured their freedom? And what makes you think that the women, who gathered in protest that day, opposed the previous regime?

Your comment is void of any clear and logical argument as to why these women supported or favored the Mullahs. You're just spewing ignorant and contradictory statements!!!

The simple fact is that alot of women never felt easy with the idea of a general revolution and never joined any anti-shah movement nor shared any anti-shah sentiments >>> The women depicted in the photo taken on March 8th 1979.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:25 PM

Calling other posters ignorant is very ignorant and rude by it self. So lets stop name calling and trying to be clever with other posters!
The simple fact is lots of those women wore chadors as a sign of protest against the Shah. And after he was deposed they reverted back to wearing their "western clothes" thinking they could protect the rights which were give to them by the previous regime. There is nothing "void" about my comment. This is a well known fact among the Iranian community who were around at that time.If those women never felt easy with the idea of general revolution,why did they not come out against the mullahs before the collapse of monarchy?

Anonymous said...

7:14's comments are absolutely nonsensical (pulled out of his rear end). Anon 11:25's make sense. Portions of the population (seculars, loyalists) felt content or happy with the previous regime. All the women who came out on the street wearing chadors to protest against the Shah's rule were exclusively of the religious kind.

Anonymous said...

What system that protected them? Have you ever compared the literacy rate before the revolution and now? And dont just make up statistics.
Whys does the shah take the Fifth twice here? Why is the queen speechless at her husbands ignorance and misogyny here.
So the Shah gave women the right to vote. What difference does it make when most of them before the revolution couldnt even read the ballot or write their names? They couldnt even read their voting choices on the ballot. In 1976 according to UNESCO, literacy amongst women in Iran was 35%. Woooow!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:10 PM

The system that the previous regime developed. You try to compare a country of 40 years ago to now. Fourty years ago South Korea was a third world developing country and now they are first world industrial power. Where is Iran after 35 years of Islamic dictatorship? Nowhere,and still third world. With one of the highest uses of drug addiction for population. Where they have to go and sell their livers for $1000 to put some bread on their tables.Where women are treated like playthings or "SEGHEH". Yeah right things have really "improved" LOL! Seven million Iranians have left the country because of the primitive Islamic regime that ruled their lives. And anyway if 99.9 percent of Iranians had high literacy,what difference does it make when you have a bunch of illiterates from top to bottom running the country? Truly "Woooow!".