Monday, March 3, 2014

Iran, P5+1 to Resume Talks on Wednesday

Iran and world powers are set to start a new round of expert-level talks on Iran’s nuclear program in Vienna on Wednesday. Hamid Baeidinejad, the director general of Iran’s foreign ministry, will head the Iranian delegation at the three-day talks.

The two sides have already reached agreement on Joint Plan of Action and Framework for Cooperation as first steps to reach a comprehensive accord by 20 July.


Anonymous said...

Iranians in Iran pray these mullahs come to their senses; Iranians outside of Iran like Mark hope the mullahs fight the West on all points. The former will suffer or not suffer, live or die based on the result. For the latter its just a tv show.

Really disgusting.

Anonymous said...

What is more disgusting is the governments who impose sanctions aimed particularly to starve people blatantly based regional power play rather than the claimed security and people like you are easily fooled and point your finger to the wrong people. Even agnostic political analysts have some to realize this, refer to chomsky, but youve buried your head in the sand and are disgusted by the wrong people.

Anonymous said... --- Wendy Sherman testifies on the P5+1 Joint Plan of Action with Iran.