Sunday, March 2, 2014

Basij ‘Towards Beit al-Moqaddas’ and ‘Kossar’ exercises - Razavi Khorosan Province

North Khorasan Province (IRGC Imam Reza Corps command):

Traditionally garbed Basij-attached cleric armed with AKM type assault rifle

Basij-attached armed cleric amid elements of Imam Hossein battalion

Basij riflemen atop hilltop position

Youthful Basij outfitted in Woodland camo BDUs, armed with AKMS type assault rifles

Motorized Basij ride away from Basij light infantry defensive firing line

Seated riflemen of Basij Imam Hossein battalion before elements of Al-Zahra battalion

Al-Zahra battalion members issued regulation chador and peaked visors

Basij Iran-Iraq war veterans participating in "Towards Beit al-Moqaddas" exercise

Saluting command staff of IRGC Imam Reza Corps

Photos: Moshen Esmaeilzadeh at Islamic Students' News Agency


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why they wear Woodland camo in the desert ?

Anonymous said...

They are normally two teams fighting each other, this might a way to mark them apart. Bear in mind the Basij is the militia force and not always the best equipped one. Most important is to keep the fighting morale in a guerrilla war alive.

Anonymous said...

They were formed to oppress the Iranian citizenry. When the time comes they will receive their just deserts.

Anonymous said...

This is called Clown play or Dalghak bazi most of these basijis will run away as soon as Syrian opposition attack you can forget about America and Israel. Khamenei sent 30 or 40 to Syria at the start most surrendered to opposition immediately....Even Asad said don't send basijis any more send Hizbullah from Lebonon.

Anonymous said...

Poignant observation Anon 6:47

That is what you call carelessness. They would be better off wearing plain beige t-shirt or sweater and beige sweatpants.

Anonymous said...

In inviting comparison with any western army, one get an impression of the Iranian troops as being poorly equipped.

However the question of equipment or lack therefor becomes irrelevant if these troops are meant to be used in large human wave attacks.

Anonymous said...

Lets hope that they will be used in that way !