Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hezbollah Admits Fighting in Syria

‘This Battle is Ours’ - Nasrallah

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah today defended the group’s involvement in the civil war in Syria and admitted that Hezbollah guerillas were involved in fighting in the Syrian border town of Qusayer. On Thursday, the Friends of Syria, a grouping of Western and Arab governments, had said that the Iranian and Hezbollah fighters were engaged in fighting alongside the Syrian army and militias loyal to Assad in Qusayr. Yesterday, Iran denied its forces were in Syria.

The Syrian army has been pressing ahead to retake Qusayr, and has reportedly seized al-Daba’a military airport north of the town.

“I say to all the honorable people, to the Mujahedeen, to the heroes: I have always promised you a victory and now I pledge to you a new one in Syria,” Nasrallah said. “We will continue along the road, bear the responsibilities and the sacrifices. This battle is ours and I promise you victory,” he said. (Press TV, 25 May)

File photo:
Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah (Press TV)


Anonymous said...

Hezbollah is kicking some serious Takfiri cannibal arse in Syria and the border areas. They are like a steam roller and put the fear of God in their enemies.

Anonymous said...

Recent successful battle for the Qusayr, has restored road connections between Damascus area and the western coastline of Syria.

Before it was conquered, the terrorist enclave in the Qusayr and its vicinity supplied approximately 60% of all the weapons supplies to terrorists in the central and southern part of Syria.


Anonymous said...

may all of Nasrallah's followers fighting for the Syrian dictatorship inside Syria perish quickly, without ever experiencing the torture and rape practiced by Assad's prison goons upon the thousands of women, men and children unjustly imprisoned.

Anonymous said... --- Israel convinces Russia to not give S-300 to Syria!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Not going to happen sonny! the Zionist/wahabbi axis simply does not have the manpower or strategic mass to take on either the Lions of Hezbollah or the brave Syrian military. In the bad old days the Saudi and other petro-pimps used the poor Egyptian fellahin as cannon fodder like in Yemen against the Zaidi Shias in the 60s. Now the Egyptians or even the Turks refuse to die for cowardly Saudis or Qataris. If you have graduated from 6th grade and can read large print get Nicholas Pelham's relatively objective book A NEW MUSLIM ORDER-The Shias and the Middle East. Demographic and power dynamics favor the Shias as the petro-pimp cannibals without Egypt have a population less than metro-Tehran. Do you think spoilt illiterate corrupt Wahabbi freak Saudis are going to die for Syrian Salafi cannibals? NOT LIKELY. Iran, Syria, Iraq and Hezbollah are on a winner here. Just relax and watch how Hezbollah makes mincemeat of the Salafi cannibals!

Anonymous said...

Syrian and Hezbollah forces rout rebels in last stronghold

Beirut - Syrian government forces and the Lebanese guerrilla group Hezbollah launched a fierce campaign to seize more rebel territory in the border town of Qusair on Saturday, sources on both sides of the conflict said.

Foreign backed Salafi terrorists fighting to topple President Bashar al-Assad said additional tanks and artillery had been deployed around opposition-held territory in Qusair, a Syrian town close to the Lebanese border.

"I've never seen a day like this since the battle started," said Malek Ammar, an activist speaking from the town by Skype. "The shelling is so violent and heavy. It's like they're trying to destroy the city house by house." Syrian armored units displaying large color photographs of President Assad, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Narsallah and Iran's Supreme Leader Sayyed Ali Khamenei rapidly advanced through rebel held areas and hoisted the Syrian flag on the last rebel held position.

At least 30 people were killed in opposition-held areas on Saturday, most of them fleeing rebels, and dozens were injured, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. A large number of demoralized Salafis were captured along with tons of NATO marked weaponry.

Small pockets of rebels are largely surrounded in Qusair, a town of 30,000 that has become a strategic battleground. Assad's forces have secured a route between the capital Damascus and his stronghold on the Mediterranean coast, effectively dividing rebel-held territories in the north and south.

The surrounded Salafi terrorist groups had been broadcasting desperate please for help, but with mobile Hezbollah teams blocking all escape routes, not help was forthcoming. But activist Malek Ammar said no forces had arrived and insisted the rebels surrounded in Qusair were on their own and being hammered from all sides.

"No one is helping Qusair other than its own men," he said. The complete rout of rebels at Qusair attests to the close coordination and tactical mastery of Hezbollah and Syrian armor backed by airpower.

The scale of victory at Qusair and its strategic importance as a turning point in the two year conflict has emboldened the normally cautious Hezbollah leader Sayyed Nasrallah vowing Saturday night, May 25, to expand his movement’s military role in the Syrian conflict and muster tens of thousands of volunteers. Hezbollah's role in now openly acknowledged in the Syrian conflict and the movement's confidence in its military prowess in beyond doubt.

Anonymous said...

Shia extremism is no improvement on Sunni extremism.

the Assad dictatorship must end and trying to pretend that the Syrian people have no alternative other than a different dictatorship is a lie and a slur against the Syrian people.

Anonymous said...

Saudi King Clinically Dead

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz is reported to be clinically dead as the monarch is not recently seen in the public.

Middle Eastern media have been reporting about the poor health of the aging Saudi "royal family" and an internal struggle for succession. A Saudi journalist working for London-Based Asharq Alawsat says the Saudi monarch has been clinically dead since Wednesday.

He also quoted medical sources in Saudi Arabia as saying that the king’s vital organs, including his heart, kidneys and lungs, have stopped functioning.

Doctors are said to have used a defibrillator on him several times. He is also reported to be alive with the help of a ventilator.

The Royal Court has yet to comment on the report of King's death. The aging Saudi monarch has not recently appeared in the public and the country's crown prince is attending official meetings on behalf of him. Most of the top leadership is composed of geriatric family members who face a changing Middle-East landscape and massive internal unrest, particularly amongst the unemployed youth fed-up with rampant corruption and increasing volatility in the 20% Shia population in the oil rich Qatif region. CIA and the kingdom's US backers are increasingly concerned about the oil rich kingdoms future stability as the region undergoes the "Arab Spring" with unknown consequences.

Anonymous said...

There have been info, that even Mr. Obama watched Nasrallah's speach...


Anonymous said...

Hizbollah-trained Syrian militias expanding reach with incentives, Iran funding special forces

NICOSIA — The new paramilitary force of President Bashar Assad has
been rapidly expanding amid Iranian funding and a string of victories over Saudi and Qatari funded Salafi terrorists.

Opposition sources said the new National Defense Force, organized in
late 2012, has been adding thousands of new fighters over the last month and has received thousands of new applicants from the Shia diaspora in the Muslim world as far away as Yemen. Western inteliggence sources said the force, trained by the Iranian-sponsored Hizbollah, has grown by 30 percent to 80,000 troops.

“NDF pays much better than the Syrian Army, and fighters usually can
stay in their hometowns,” a source said. “This has been a real incentive for
Alawites as well as Sunnis who make up the bulk of the professional Syrian military and have proved increasingly loyal to President Assad.

The sources said about 70 percent of NDF consists of fighters from the
ruling Shia minority. But they said an increasing number of Kurds and
even Sunnis, drawn by salaries and other financial incentives, were joining
the force. The recent influx of veteran Hezbollah fighters and unbroken chain of victories have added to the organizations aura of invincibility and is a major recruiting tool.

The sources said NDF replaced by the Syrian Army in most urban warfare
operations. They said the Army, 70 percent of which is Sunni, has been
confined to professional stand-off operations, particularly artillery attacks, sniper and mop-up duties. The Sunni top leadership in the military brass and the conscripts have shown total commitment to President Assad leadership. The 4th Armored Republican Guard Division capably led by the President's younger brother has been in the vanguard of security operations in the Damascus and Lebanese border region. A joint strike force of elite Hezbollah troops and Maher-al-Assad's crack special forces routed the Salafi stronghold of Qusair.

Syrian Army and Hizbollah officers often accompany NDF units, the
sources said. They said Hizbollah has been limited to training and leading
operations in central and southern Syria, while bearing the brunt of combat
duties near the southwestern border with Lebanon. Hezbollah has estimated to have deployed a brigade sized force of highly specialized troops, adept at urban fighting and special operations to the Syrian conflict. This highly committed force along with the organization's positive standing in the Arab world has assisted in the psychological operations as well in pacifying regained territories.

“Hizbollah has shown a high degree of professionalism and an astonishing level of tactical competency,” western military sources said. Hezbollah fighters are ferocious in attacks and consider it a privilege to die in battle and achieve the highest Islamic honor of martyrdom.

Hezbollah's military prowess led its secretive leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah to openly declare the legendary resistance organization's loyalty to President Assad.

Anonymous said...

Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is a jewel and giant amongst worthless Arab puppet stooges in the region. Hezbollah has acquired a well-earned respect as an organization that delivers and backs-up its statements. Very unlike Arab leadership bombasts like crazy Saddam, idiotic Nasser and the corrupt US/Zionist pimps like Saudis, Persian Gulf pip-squeaks, Jordan's midgets and toadies like Mobarek and loudmouth Erdogan.

When Hezbollah and Sayyed Hassan talk everyone LISTENS!

Anonymous said...

Victorious Hizballah calls up reserves

Nicosia- Media reports on Sunday and early Monday report another 2,000 elite Hizballah combatants poured into Syria from Lebanon to augment the 5,000-6,000 troops already present there. Hizballah fighting forces into Syria are strongly tipping the scales of war in President's Assad’s favor and also highlighting the seamless integration into Syria's military infrastructure. The ease of Hizballah's combined arms operations and coordination with the regular Syrian military has caught many western intelligence agencies completely off-guard as they underestimated the extent of Syrian-Hizballah cooperation and joint tactical planning .

Sunday overnight, Hizballah secretly ordered the call-up of reserves to reinforce its strength for fighting on two possible active fronts, Syria and Israel. Its leadership and senior officers went around Hizballah centers in towns and villages across Lebanon with orders for members to report for active duty at once. Hizballah fields the most sophisticated, professionally trained and lethal guerrilla force in the region.

Anonymous said...

Rest assured, Assad is doomed without a show of a doubt.

The Freedom fighters have liberated 80% of the country. The whole eastern half of Syria is entirely in the hands of Jabhat Al Nusra, Al Qaeda and other friendly groups, with the strategic city of Deir Ez-Zor firmly secured by the FSA which allow them to invite many extra volunteers from across the border in Iraq and which enable those reinforcements a safe way into Syria.

Also, the whole length of territory running along the Turkish border is owned by the FSA and friends.

The stretch of land that runs from the Golan heights to Daraya belongs to the FSA now.

Aleppo in the north was liberated some time ago (remember the failed siege by SAA?).

Dera'a near the Jordanian border was liberated as well, long time ago. Same thing there as near Turkey, the whole length of land opposite Jordan is owned by the FSA. And numerous other towns and villages have fallen under the firm control of the FSA.

The aforementioned border areas are totally under the control of the FSA groups, except for the area that lay south of the Turkish Hatay province and areas north of the Lebanese border are very much contested right now as the battle is raging on.

Parts that lay in the mid-western portion of the country are also contested, such as in and around the cities of Homs, Hama, Idlib and even suburbs of Dimasqh.

Current situation: The Syrian Arab Army together with Hizb-shaytan is having gradual but slow successes in Al Qusair as of now. Their advance is not going smoothly and they are forced to take 2 steps back for every 3 steps that they take. They move forward only to be ambushed, lose BMPs and Tanks, lose soldiers and are forced to retreat if only temporarily. The FSA has shown themselves very adept and cunning in urban warfare and cannot be easily beaten. They are high in spirits and enjoy a stable influx of reinforcements coming from the east.

Despite the fact that the SAA has the superiority in heavy weaponry, an airforce and substantial artillery tubes, still they can't silence Freedom! If the FSA just could procure the stuff that the SAA has in their arsenal then Assad would be history and this Dictatorship would be gone quickly.

In other words, SAA progression on the ground is going very slow. Remember when Assad's men tried to push the FSA out of Aleppo some time ago, it was a big failure. Aleppo still remain an FSA stronghold. This time they might succeed albeit at a high cost. A rare victory at Al Qusair won't make any big difference to the outcome, it's as they say, too little too late. One has to look at the scheme of things and the bigger picture.

After this battle if over, i predict that the Syrian Arab Army will run out of steam as they don't have the resources and numbers to keep rolling on and therefor can't ever hope to reoccupy the already liberated 80% of Syrian territory.

Anonymous said...

Not even close to delusions. The Shias of the Middle-East were the underdogs and now the tables have turned due to the Iranian revolution and disenchantment with puppet regimes in the Arab world who have delivered nothing but grief to their people. Hezbollah on the other hand is widely perceived as as WINNER that DELIVERS WHAT IS PROMISES. Hezbollah appeals to the Arab masses, both Sunni and Shia.

Sayyed Hassan Narsallah: ''We Turn The Tables On Everyone'' and defeat the enemies of Muslims and Syria.

Anonymous said... --- Al Jazeera discussion on the Syrian conflict.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you are smoking keep toking! LOL.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wow, what a great report.

where did you get it from?

did it come to you in a drunken dream?

or perhaps you were taking a bath with Khomenei and he whispered the news into your ear.

Anonymous said... --- Saudi Arabia purchase weapons on behalf of the Syrian rebels.

Anonymous said...

Ha and ha indeed. The joke is the US/Zionists now as Iran is holding a 40 member international conference on Syria. Stay tuned and enjoy the US comedy as pressure cookers are now deemed dangerous, what next frying pans?.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry the brave Syrian military and Hezbollah lions will own all the Salafi terrorist cannibals weapons. Enjoy this:

Russia to give Syria S-300 anti-aircraft missiles to deter 'hotheads'
Russian deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov's reaction to the EU arms embargo's being lifted.

Ruabkov accused European leaders of “fanning the flames of the conflict", and told journalists that the EU’s decision reflected “double standards” and dealt a serious blow to prospects of a peace conference.

He also said that the S-300 anti-aircraft missiles cannot be used against rebel forces (presumably because they don't have aircraft).

Russia is also hinting delivery of S-300 and jets to Iran as well.

Anonymous said... --- EU lifts weapons ban to FSA!!!

Nader Uskowi said...

The proponents of Hezbollah’s involvement in the battle of Qusair and in the Syrian civil war generally, should be careful about what they wish, because such involvement could actually weaken the Hezbollah. This is why: In conflicts involving Israel, Hezbollah strengthened its appeal to the majority of Lebanese, regardless of their religion, because it was seen as a nationalist party defending the sovereignty of their country. Killing Syrians to defend Assad is not the same. They will lose the goodwill they had generated in Lebanon if their involvement in Syria lasts long, causes the expansion of the battlefield beyond the border into Lebanon, and produces many casualties for Hezbollah fighters as well as for other Lebanese (Hezbollah is saying that the number of its fighters killed in action in Syria has topped 100, and they hold large funerals almost everyday.)

There is also the uncertainty associated with any war: as soon as you start the war, you might as well throw all the plans out, the changing realities on the battlefields force you doing that. The Qusair battle is not a done deal to begin with, notwithstanding a number of the comments above, and there will be many battles ahead. More Hezbollah stay in Syria, weaker its position becomes inside Lebanon. And considering it is a Lebanese party not Syrian, that’s no good for them.

The same is true of Iran. Let’s hope all the reports of Iranian involvement in the same battle alongside the Hezbollah are inaccurate. Iran does not want to get involved in the Syrian quagmire for obvious reasons.

Anonymous said...

by sending fighters to Syria, Nasrallah is going to insure that bombs will be going off in Beirut..... and not the ones that Hezbollah uses to assassinate Lebanese politicians, but ones used to kill people marketing in Shia-dominated neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Nafer, Hezbollah has no choice as the Salafi cannibal terrorists were shelling Lebanese villages in the Bekaa. This is fight to the finish and the outcome is 100% certain as a Syrian/Hezbollah victory as over 70% of the population is pro-Assad. Since you do not understand military or strategic affairs your predictions are mostly wide-off mark. Believe me Iran and Russia are not going to let Syria fall. The sheer numbers count and the Shias of Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and ven Turkey outnumber the Salafi cutthroats of the Persian Gulf pimp coalition and their Zionist masters by 4:1. May help you to read Vali Nasr's Shia Revival. He spoke the truth and was kicked off the State Dept advisory panel. Even the Mufti of Al-Azhar in Egypt has called for support for the legitimate Syrian government. The Saudi pimps and petro-Arabs without Egypt amount to ZERO. Just stay tuned and see how the Syrian military and Hezbollah kick some major arse. The US/Zionists have really miscalculated Russian and Iranian resolve this time.

Anonymous said...

Josh Rogin of the Daily Beast reports the White House has asked the Pentagon to submit plans for a potential no-fly zone inside Syria. Such a request does not imply a US intention to do so. Rogin's report is based on interviews with two unnamed administration officials:

President Obama’s dual-track strategy of continuing to pursue a political solution to the two-year-old uprising in Syria while also preparing for more direct U.S. military involvement includes authorizing the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the first time to plan for multilateral military actions inside Syria, the two officials said. They added that no decisions on actually using force have yet been made.

“The White House is still in contemplation mode but the planning is moving forward and it’s more advanced than it’s ever been,” one administration official told The Daily Beast. “All this effort to pressure the regime is part of the overall effort to find a political solution, but what happens if Geneva fails? It’s only prudent to plan for other options.”

Anonymous said...

Since I can read and speak Russian, let me translate:


Most of these veterans are Spetsnaz special forces soldiers and specialists with extensive experience in anti-Salafi counter-terrorism in Chechnya, Dagestan and the Caucuses. There are also reports of Serbian mercenaries fighting against US backed Salafi terrorists while Saudi Arabia and Qatar are buying weapons from Serbia's arch enemy Croatia to arm the Salafi terrorists who largely comprise of Chechens, Tunisians and Maghreb recruited Salafis. The Slavs have a particular dislike for Islamist terrorists and have volunteered to fight for President Assad. Russia is a staunch backer and military supplier for the Syrian forces who have recently been buoyed by Hezbollah elite troops who have inflicted severe losses on anti-government rebels.
7:51, 28 мая 2013
На войну в Сирию отправится русско-украинский добровольческий корпус

У нас буквально шквал. На всех наших электронных ресурсах – обращения людей, которые хотят записаться в корпус. В основном из РФ, Белоруссии и даже Молдавии», — утверждает Разумовский. Что касается его земляков с Украины, то они, по его признанию, «пока реагируют тяжело».

Власти республики, по словам ветерана разведки, на инициативу не отреагировали.

Когда планируется завершить формирование корпуса, агентство не уточняет.

С видеообращением о создании добровольческого корпуса Разумовский выступил в середине мая. Свой призыв он адресовал «всем ветеранам воинской службы Советского Союза, всему русскому и украинскому офицерству, проживающему в стране Украина». Пожаловавшись на бытовую неустроенность офицеров (а именно нехватку жилья), ветеран разведки заявил, что «этому правительству офицеры не нужны» и что в сложившейся ситуации они могут предложить свои навыки руководству другой страны — а именно помочь президенту Сирии Башару Асаду в восстановлении конституционного порядка.

Anonymous said...

Lot of wishful thinking as always on these blogs. THE FACT IS THAT SYRIA IS NOT ABOUT TO COLLAPSE. The Shias and their international allies will WIN THIS BIGTIME. Take my words to your nearest and dearest Zionist banksters.LOL.

US is a bankrupt deadbeat and will not ruin its imploding economy in an swan song war and the MOTHER OF ALL QUAGMIRES which it simply can not win due to demographics in the region. Children, break out the popcorn as this is going to be a long war and will result in a new Middle-east and not much to the delusions of US/Zionists as any outcome will not favour them. The Salafi cannibals are more anti-US then anyone else. IT IS A LOSE-LOSE for US as Russia and China would like to see the US bleed some more.

Anonymous said...

Iran shows regional clout and seeks dialogue on Syria

Iran is drawing 40 countries, including Turkey, Russia, and China, to Tehran this week to promote peace in Syria, even as the so-called West - now led by UK and France in particular - criticizes Iran's unwavering support for Syria's Bashar al-Assad. The conference offers an alternative forum to Russian-US planned talks in Geneva, which appear likely to legitimize more Western intervention and arming of Salafi terrorists, much to the chagrin of Russia and Iran.

According to a Tehran University political science professor, who spoke to the author on the condition of anonymity, "the feeling in Tehran these days is that their policy on Syria has been vindicated and they have emerged as winners in the conflict, however, a largely embarrassed West can still cause a great deal of mischief in Syria."

A senior western source stated that “There is no military solution to the conflict. Even if the fragmented and militarily inept opposition is armed to the teeth, I doubt very much whether they would have the capacity to deliver a decisive blow against the combined might of Assad and Hezbollah and Iran".

“It’s not just Assad now. You have Hezbollah, one of the most potent military organizations in the Middle East, and Iran. And that’s why the Russians and the Americans have intensified their diplomacy,” he added.

In implementing a sound strategic policy on Syria, the Tehran policy-makers have taken into account the regional political vacuum and Israel's weakening military position, particularly after Russian rearmament of Syria and Shia demographic dynamics that favour President Assad, who is increasingly confident of a total military victory after Hezbollah threw its massive military clout behind it. No matter who the next Iranian president will be, it is a sure bet that Iran's policy toward Syria will not change course.

Anonymous said...

Russian Pacific Fleet enters the Mediterranean in challenge to West

For the first time in a decade, the large combat fleet from Russia’s Pacific Fleet based in Vladivostok in the Russian Far East is joining other Russian warships in the Mediterranean on a combat patrol and will be stationed off the Syrian coast.

The mission was apparently prompted by Russia’s steely determination and desire to sustain the regime of the Syrian President Bashar al Assad that is rapidly gaining the upper hand against western supported Salafi terrorists.

To deploy large warships thousands of miles away from East Asia to the Middle East demonstrates President Vladimir Putin’s resolve to resume Russia’s military and strategic glory of the past by challenging the collective military power of the West.

On March 19, a naval flotilla of half a dozen capital ships centered on the large destroyer Admiral Panteleyev set sail from Vladivostok on a long journey to the Mediterranean.

Anonymous said...

"a large combat fleet" ain't centered on a destroyer, two amphibious warships and a tanker and tugs.

you're swallowing bullspit from Syrian state propaganda outfits.

if Russia were serious rather than simply showing its flag, it would have to return to the time when it had 40 fighting ships in the Med. That's what would be required to present a challenge to the US fleet in the Med.

Anonymous said...

Life must be good in delusional state!LOL

In any case, the Syrians are doing just fine. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

4:15 You must be on some self deluding heavy stuff to believe the nonsensical dribble coming from the deepest recesses of your twisted mind.