Sunday, September 7, 2014

Update on Tehran Imam Khomeini Airport expansion

Construction of access tube at Imam Khomeini Airport, reportedly now open to travelers

Escalators operational and interior detailed, while external rebar remains visible through tube's windows

Entry point for newly open access tube

Interesting choice of Achaemenid-themed interior details, for an airport named after Imam Khomeini

Some progress evident in the construction of Imam Khomeini Airport Hotel. For comparison, HERE is the site as seen last May 2014.

Heavy constuction equipment at the site, including Pettibone rough terrain crane, a paver and road rollers

Photos: Hossein Zohrevand at Tasnim News Agency and Abdolvahed Mirzazdeh at ISNA


Mark Pyruz said...

I believe the new access tube related to expansion of parking facilities.

Anonymous said...

if only they had some airplanes that aren't deathtraps it might make sense to build airports.

this is likely just another make-work project for an economy that is struggling not to collapse and has been looted to send billions abroad to support proxies armies in Lebanon and Syria.

who is the nominal owner of the airport? who controls the awarding of the construction contracts? who gets those contracts?

Mark Pyruz said...

Who is "they"?

Here is a list of carriers served at IKA / OIIE:

Are you trying to say all these carriers operate "death traps"?

Anonymous said...

"Who is they?"

You out of all people should know who "they" are,LOL !

Anonymous said...

Religion should never be allowed into politics. Never allow religious nuts to run the affairs of state.Iran shall be cleansed from these religious zealots once and for all. This will happen in time. Not to be published by M.Pyruz.

Anonymous said...

Cleansed from religous nuts or not Iran should fully invest in upgrading its infrastructure. No matter if religous fundamentalists, Maoists, Stalinists, Nationalists or Monarchists are in power; Iran right now needs no slogans but real and tangible progress in the economic development domain. As such anyone who is spending time and money to make sure Iran develops economically is a hero. Of course the enemies of Iran and their internal collaborators want to make sure Iran makes no real progress and gets divided into ideological or sectarian divides....Iranians must unite and focus on a true platform based on national security and optimized economic development and not listen to the propaganda the regional and the global enemies of Iran are crafting.
Good news they are upgrading the airport and I truly hope Iran can capture the opportunity to become the new hub for long distance flights for the majority of the airliners which have now chosen to fly over Iran rather than Syria/Iraq due to security reasons. Why not building a couple of good airport hotels and an express train to city center so these passengers instead of flying over Iran land and spend a weekend in the capital? Many Europeans love to see Iran but the basic and simple infrastructure in the capital is not there yet. These are minimum investments which can easily be justified.

Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry but that just isn't going to happen while a regime like this exists in Iran. UAE has invested tens of billions of dollars in becoming a hub and they won't be taken over by a thired rate regime like in Iran.The regimes priority seems to be Hezbollah,Assad's Syria and the Greater Omatistan beyond Iran. Other than that family members and their Aghazadehs,Abdarchis et al are robbing the country blind.

Anonymous said...

"your beloved UAE"

On the contrary,I don't like the UAE. And why do you think a "40 year old city country" has become the hub of the middle east ? Because of the Omatistan type of system that exists in Iran today.A system that prioritises everything for the Greater Omatistan outside of Iran.And that's why everyone avoids Iran like the plague.

Anonymous said...

What you call "Greater Omatistan" is called "Greater Iran" and if you look at the Wikipedia, depending on the time period in history it looked different:

So, in one era it was more important to go back to Aryan roots and we gave up Bahrain, now it focused on the Shia identity and the power projectile beyond the borders reflects that. In any case Iran's cultural, linguistic, religious and economic ties enables it to improve its ties with different instances within its historic and contemporary circle of influence.
One of the reasons your beloved UAE is the hub is its lobby in the US which is doing everything it can to block the restoration of Iran-US ties as it is scared it will no longer be the only option for trade and commerce in the region when Iran sanctions are over and when Iran and US actually stop fighting each other and start doing trade and business.
Iran's economic development and progress should be in the interest of all Iranians and cannot be attributed to any regime, not the previous one, nor the current one and absolutely not to any potential future one. That is the hard work and the smart work of every single Iranian who loves his homeland.
And for those who don't like their homeland they have the option to enjoy their life in their hosting countries and continue blaming this and that for all problems instead of lack of actions.

Anonymous said...

As I wrote earlier,I don't like the UAE.I just use UAE as a example as compared to an old country like Iran.But if you like you are welcome to waste your time.The regime in Tehran doesn't recognize Iran as "Mellat" but "Omat" or part of "Greater Omatistan" meaning the regime see no distinction between Iran as compared to countries like Sudan,Iraq or Syria.Iran is just a base for the regime to use and abuse for its own purposes. Khameini even said that non-Iranians who convert to the Shia faith are as Iranian than Iranians and are welcome to live in Iran.That is just one example of clear betrayal by a Omati style regime towards Iranian nation.I'm afraid the economy of a nation is relevant to the regime and its actions or non-actions in Omati regimes case.This regime has shown its incopetence towards the well being of Iran.Non resource richTurkey has twice the GDP of Iran with the same population.And by 2017 it will have three times the GDP. I suppose you will tell me "your beloved Turkey"next? There are not many Iranians that don't love their homeland but are forced to leave the country by oppressive Omati style regime that strives to work against the interests of the Mellat.

Anonymous said...

My recommendation, if you don't like it don't even use it, don't market something which you don't like. As I mentioned this regime's focus is religious, for it the Shias around the world are part of the extended Iran. The previous regime had a focus on the Iranistic elements and as such had different extension. Having said that both of them looked beyond the borders in terms of influence but with different focus. The current Iran is defined within the Greater Iran which is based on cultural, linguistic, partially ethnic but also religious ties. Besides that you have the political and economic ties which are nothing characteristic for Iran but for any regional power. As such the regime is more interested in supporting Shias in Lebanon, Iraq and Bahrain than helping Persian speaking people of Tajikistan. Having said that this is also slowly changing as some part of the current IRI has realized that Iran's true potential beyond its borders should not be limited to its religious ties but also to historic, linguistic and cultural ties. This is however a slow process with no direct stability in progress.
Your example on Turkey is spot on, the Turks have done a tremendous work building their economy based on national interests and security. We Iranians have to learn from them, specially when it comes to hard work and also national pride. But most importantly the Turkish elite should be attributed for successfully leading the country on the path of growth and progress. They have decided to go to bed with the devil itself if it helps to grow the economy and secure the national integrity. This is much different from the Iranian intellectual elite who for 35 years ago lived in a fantasy world more like the cartoons from Walt Disney in which they would make a revolution and fix all problems of the country and the world. Turkish elite is far more pragmatic and result-oriented than slogan-oriented. They have not had an easy way to the current success. They realized quite early (10-15 years ago) that many of their long-term allies probably were not so nice either. But instead of occupying this and that embassy and creating economic havoc they decided to identify plots and neutralize them and at the same time unite on the platform of national security and growth.
In other words they did not "leave the country and blamed all the idiots for not understanding anything" and most importantly they did not "invest their youth, talent and money in building other countries". Something which we Iranians have to learn from ... we are just too easy going.