Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Basij light infantry battalion training, Qom

Basij light infantry battalion instruction on AK-type assault rifle

Instruction on field stripping AK-type assault rifle

What appears to be light intensity physical exercise training

Basij light infantry battalion physical training drill

Company from Basij light infantry battalion at Qom 

Company from Basij light infantry battalion, parade ground

IRGC field grade officers salute company from Basij light infantry battalion

Basij training on the firing of AK-type assault rifle, in prone and sitting positions

Basij light infantry PK-type light machine gun (LMG) position

Basij light infantry chemical defense drill in the field

Interesting study of Basij light infantry kit, with depiction of Basij-attached Shia cleric outfitted in Basij-issue, MARPAT-inspired BDUs.

Basij light infantry riflemen outfitted in steel helmet with camouflage cover

Entrenched Basij light infantrymen outfitted in three mismatched types of camouflage

Basij light infantrymen making use of entrenching tools

Basij light infantry field camp, Qom reaction zone

Basij light infantry religious drill in the field

Religion-based ideological indoctrination in a Basij classroom

Religion-based ideological education in a Basij classroom

Smartphone employed as personal computing device in a Basij classroom

Photos: Fars News Agency


Anonymous said...

Indoctrination = Brainwashing.

Anonymous said...

Damn...Never hold the magazine with the second hand while shooting, always the barrel, that cause big problems and you'll miss the target every time!! These basiji guys keep repeating that mistake.

Farzam said...

Why is that?! If anything holding the magwell makes you stabilize better and more accurate but in the end it all comes to your own comfort in shooting.

I have seen many US soldiers holding the magwell.

Farzam said...

Also the mag blowing happens rarely

Anonymous said...

World war one Iranian style anno 1985 all over again. Some things never change!

B.M.A said...

They are better on their job! than you are with your smart phone !.