Wednesday, September 3, 2014

New defense products for IRIADF and NEZAJA

By Mark Pyruz

The past week has seen publicity for new defense products destined for IRIADF and NEZAJA.

On 02SEP14 Iranian media published imagery of the following air defense achievements:

Arash-2 radar, claimed capable of "detecting miniature drones at a distance of 150 kilometers"

Arash-2 radar station unit

Interior detail of Arash-2 radar station unit

Kayhan mobile over-the-horizon radar (OTH), claimed "capable of detecting cruise missiles and drones."

Video still of console screen for Kayhan OTH radar

Pōsh mobile I-HAWK (updated) battery system

Tropospheric scatter communication system on MB L-series 4x2 vehicle

Communication relay station vehicle

Line-of-sight (LOS) communication system vehicle

Display of UAVs utilized by IRIADF as target drones (1)

Display of UAVs utilized by IRIADF as target drones (2)



On 26AUG14, Iranian media published imagery of deliveries made by NEZAJA Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization of new defense products intended for  Iran Army ground force units "operating in the eastern part of the country." They include the following four weapon types:

Hoveizeh 155mm self-propelled howitzer, assembled with refurbished components from non-serviceable M109 units.

Interior detail of Hoveizeh 155mm self-propelled howitzer.  According to Iranian media: "Thanks to the new optical device installed on its top, the cannon can be controlled from inside the vehicle, eliminating the need for a gunner to operate the weapon outside the personnel carrier."

Shaher 14.5mm anti-material rifle with claimed range of 3 km

Scale of Shaher evident amid these four Iranian brigadier generals. Note at left, reversible camouflage BDU.

German-manufactured Schmidt & Bender PM II scope attached to Shaher anti-material rifle

Sadad 23 mm twin-cannon remote weapon system, affixed to BTR-82 (local variant of BTR-60)
 Left: more complete view of BTR-82 fitted with Sadad RWS

MS4B angle finder, claimed suitable for 81 mm and 120 mm mortars, and 107 mm rocket launchers

Note variety of AFV transporter setups apperaing in use with NEZAJA

Note German-manufactured Schmitz Cargobull low loader semi-trailers used for transport of APCs


Photos: Hossein Zohrevand and Mahmood Hosseini at Tasnim News Agency
Roohollah Vahati at ISNA
Mohsen Ataei at Fars News Agency


Anonymous said...

The arash 2 radar looks to be based externally on the sa5 sam 5N62V Square Pair radar,but from the looks of that control room it has been given a full digital rebuild,this is probably the case for all of the older western/soviet radars in iranian service and is probably true for all of the sams as well

Anonymous said...

what is an " anti-material rifle ' ?

is that something that one deploys against anti-matter?

Anonymous said...

AnonymousSeptember 5, 2014 at 12:58 AM
Its the modern name for large caliber,heavy machine gun or cannon ammunition,firing sniper rifles,back in the old days pre or early ww2,weapons like this would have been considered anti tank rifles,today you would use them against a variety of targets,hence anti material

Anonymous said... --- New air defence equipment

Anonymous said...

thank you for the reply, but such things are not known as anti-material but are called anti-materiel weapons.

I was hoping to get the author's attention and to allow him to correct his mistake.