Monday, September 29, 2014

IRIAF Su-24 overhauls at Shiraz/Shahid Dowran TAB 7 - video

Iranian media reporting IRIAF technicians recent efforts at overhauling several Sukhoi Su-24MK "Fencer-D" attack aircraft, reportedly requiring 35,000 man-hours per aircraft at Shiraz/Shahid Dowran TAB 7. [Source: Tasnim News Agency]

Note: IRIAF Su-24 aircraft known recently overhauled include serials 3-6851, 3-6801 and 3-6805, with the latter known to be overhauled by Iranian Aircraft Industries (IACI) Company at Tehran/Mehrabad TAB 1.

Below, Iranian television on-location report (Persian) from IRIAF Shiraz/Shahid Dowran TAB 7:



Anonymous said...

as Iran is unable to build any advanced aircraft and only possesses a handful of old military planes, it can afford to devout "35,000 man-hours" trying to keep antique craft functional.

Anonymous said...

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