Thursday, September 18, 2014

EU Expresses Disappointment at Lack of Progress in Iran-IAEA Talks

The EU said on Thursday it was disappointed with a lack of progress by Iran in addressing concerns about its alleged nuclear research with possible military dimensions.

The EU made the statement during an IAEA Board of Governor’s meeting in Vienna. IAEA has been investigating the possible military dimensions (PMD) of Iran’s nuclear program. Last year, Iran signed an agreement with the agency to release related information by 25 August, but did not meet that deadline.

“The EU is disappointed with the very limited progress on PMD. It is essential and urgent that Iran cooperates fully and in a timely manner with the agency (IAEA) regarding all relevant issues,” the EU said. (AFP, 18 September)

An stalled IAEA inquiry could possibly complicate talks between Iran and P5+1 on reaching a comprehensive nuclear deal by 24 November deadline, when the current interim deal expires.

File photo: The EU flag and those of its 28-member nations at EU headquarters in Brussels. (AFP)

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Anonymous said...

perhaps the Iranian people will be the most disappointed and will be saddened to find that they have a lovely stockpile of enriched uranium and impassioned government speeches instead of stockpiles of cooking oil, sugar and rice.