Saturday, September 6, 2014

No Deadline to Implement IAEA Agreement – Iran

Iran Hesitant on Full Implementation Before Striking Final Deal with P5+1 

Iran said today it had not agreed with IAEA on a deadline to provide answers on its alleged experimentations with detonators believed to be used to trigger explosion in a nuclear device. On Friday, IAEA said Iran had indeed agreed to a 25 August deadline for providing the information.

“Iran has implemented one of the five practical measures that it agreed with the Agency in May 2014 in the third step of the Framework for Cooperation by the agreed deadline of 25 August 2014; implemented two of the measures after the deadline; and begun discussions with the Agency on the other two practical measure.” (IAEA report, 5 September)

Behzad Kamalvandi, a spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, said IAEA was aware that implementing all five steps required by the Framework of Cooperation agreement by August 25 was not possible. 

“We do not have any commitment on a date (deadline),” Kamalvandi added. (IRNA, 6 September)

Iran appears to be hesitant to provide full information on its experimentations with Exploding Bridge Wire (EBW) detonators before it is confident that a comprehensive nuclear deal could be struck with P5+1. In absence of such agreement, it would be unlikely that Iran would fully implement the Framework of Cooperation with IAEA. 


Gurney said...

Iran is toast.

Unknown said...

I'm guessing they don't want it to become clear that at some point of their nuclear program it did indeed have military dimensions until the whole problem is resolved. Makes sense, right? I still don't get it though, if the West knows that Iran simply wants to be out of the dilemma before it can address questions about its past intentions (which it has now abandoned), fearing that if it does otherwise the dilemma will be prolonged, why does the West insist that the issue of EBW research be addressed before the deal?

Anonymous said...

yes, says Iran, we promise to co-operate......... but not until we feel like it....... isn't our promise just as good as actual co-operation?

can you remove the sanctions now?

Anonymous said...

IAEA and world powers are insisting that Iran clarifies its old intents and purposes - simply come clean. The concerned international community is doing just the right thing coaxing the dishonest Akhoonds/Iranian regime into telling the truth, before letting up on the pressure (sanctions). Obviously there is a cultural aspect to it. Unfortunately it's part of the ever prevailing Iranian dishonesty which says one shouldn't own up to ones past mistakes and there is also the question of pride. Iranians have too much pride in themselves and are worried about maintaining this high level of pride. They equate a confession with the loss of pride, reputation and loss of face. If the Akhoonds/Iranian regime were sincere about resolving the current impasse, they would admit that, yes, there was a time when they were curious about nuclear weapons and were entertaining the idea of one day being able to create a fully functioning nuclear warhead hence the experiments that have been conducted using EBWs.

Unknown said...

Forget national pride. If Iran actually comes out and admits that it once did have the intention to make nukes, it would be a political catastrophe, one that Iran can't afford to have, especially under Rouhani and with all the negotiations between Iran and the U.S/P5+1. If a secret framework can be worked out in order to address the issue of EBWs, which is what I believe will happen, then good for both sides. But if the U.S insists that Iran come out with past intentions, that would only embarrass Rouhani and make Iran feel like it cannot escape the dilemma no matter how much it gives up, which leaves it with one final option; go nuclear.