Monday, September 22, 2014

Sacred Defense Parade - 2014 (weapons of interest)

Weapons types of interest from Sacred Defense Parade held 22SEP14 in Tehran

IRGC-ASF Ghadr-H (“Intensity-H”) medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM)

IRGC-ASF MRBM transporter rector launcher fitted with external handrails

IRGC-ASF Zelzal ("Earthquake") new type short-range ballistic missile (SRBM)

IRGC Zolfaghar ("sword of Ali") 6x6 truck-based transporter rector launchers (TEL)

IRGC-ASF Fateh-110 ("Conqueror-110") tactical short-range ballistic missile (SRBM)

IRGC-ASF Hormuz-2 anti-ship ballistic missile (AShBM)

IRGC-GF Zelzal ("Earthquake") artillery rocket

IRGC Raad-1 ("Thunder-1") air defense system

IRGC Raad-2 ("Thunder-2") transporter erector launcher (TEL)

IRGC 3rd Khordad transporter erector launcher and radar (TELAR)

IRGC 3rd Khordad transporter erector launcher (TEL)

IRGC Tabas-1 transporter erector launcher and radar (TELAR)

IRGC Tabas-1 transporter erector launcher  (TEL)

S-200 type SAM variant , claimed "optimized" lacking external booster rockets

IRGC Tor-M1 tracked SAM system

Soheil (modified ZSU-23-4) self-propelled anti-aircraft weapon with external SAM launchers

IRGC Kavosh radar 

IRIADF Keyhan mobile over-the-horizon radar (OTH)

IRGC Raad ("Thunder") air defense system radar

IRIADF Sayyad-2 (“Hunter-2”) surface-to-air missile (SAM) launcher

Fath-2 ("Conquer-2") long-range radar system

Unidentified air defense system component

IRGC-GF T-72 main battle tank fitted with cage armor (similar to that seen on SyAA type)

IRGC-GF Koskan 170 mm self-propelled gun

IRGC-N in-shore patrol vessel

Zoljanah 10x10 heavy tactical vehicle prototype

"Sami 1993"
Younes Khani at Mehr News Agency
Borna Ghasemi and Amin Khosroshahi at Islamic Students’ News Agency
Islamic Republic News Agency
Omid Vahabzadeh at Fars News Agency
Hossein Zohrevand and Siamak Ebrahimi at Tasnim News Agency
Mahmoud Rahimi at


Anonymous said...

Pile of junk !

Anonymous said...

It would be far more professional and smarter if they painted the white truck cabs in camouflage to lower the aerial signature. Perhaps netting may do as well. Good technological efforts though.

Anonymous said...

a pile of junk that scares your adversaries effectively from attacking you is a great pile of junk because it works to keep the peace

Anonymous said...

I would beg to differ. Since Iran has no working airforce, these missiles have pretty much guaranteed its security and survival, since they can inflict fatal damage to any aggressor in the region or without. It is true that Iran really needs to invest in upgrading its air fleet, armor and navy and this may be a good time considering the deteriorating regional and global situation and the dire threat from Salafi terror in the region. Iran and Syria have the only viable armies in the region that have not crumbled at the first sight of Wahhabi Toyota pick-ups. US wasted $25 billion on the Iraqi army with the most modern M1 Abram tanks and they fled without firing a shot. So considering the situation these Iranian missiles do serve a very important role in the defence of the nation and in asymmetrical warfare. Why do you think the Zionists have merely barked hollow threats for 35 years and not done a thing?

Anonymous said...

Actually, the cage armor on the IRIA T-72S precedes the Syrian equivalent.

Anonymous said...

Why would the so-called "adversaries" attack a regime that is so anti-Iranian?

B.M.A said...

-BETTER !!!! - is the Nation that has some junk of defense tools,made by its own SONS and DAUGHTERS than any Country that has top notch ,high tech defense tools assembled or sourced from beyond its borders-

may the Almighty bless our brothers and sisters in the defense industries!.

Anonymous said...

If any one called its as junk defence tools,it means lack of common prudence and reason to big laugh, however theses junk tools causing survival of Al-Assad , Protection of Bagdad in June,Capture of SANA Yemen and Resistance in Labnon. Further more Big reasons for huge Defence orders to US from Timid Persian Gulf state. Hey- What a Junk tools.Rizvi/India

Anonymous said...

Well junk or not... I leave it to the experts to judge, but this year the parade was well organized and some very important news were announced, some of them not being paid attention to.
At 15:00 seconds in this video you see the Sejjil solid-fuel missile, well that is not a news but at 15:03 the narrator says the missile is "3-stage":

Everyone who knows Sejjil also knows it has until now been 2-stage with a maximum range of 2400 kms. If Iran has now gone over to 3-stage missile, this is a great advancement and it means Iran now can reach 4500-5000 kms with the same set of design by just making some changes to the proportion of the current missile.

All text given to the narrator is being provided by military intelligence experts and it is also heavily reviewed by other sources in order to send the correct message to mainly foregin experts. So this should hardly be considered a misstake by the narrator as earlier on in the video, the other missiles like Ghadr are described as "2-stage" missiles.
No matter if the Sejjil on the display in the parade is 2 or 3-stage the main message is that Iran now has a new version of Sejjil which is 3-stage.

Anonymous said...

So you are saying that they didn't source all the sensitive equipment from Belarus via Russia?