Sunday, September 28, 2014

Artesh Joint Command 'Morning Ceremony' - Sacred Defense Week

Contingent from Iran Army 65th Airborne Special Forces Brigade equipped with MPT-9S SMGs

Demonstration by members of Iran Army 65th Airborne Special Forces Brigade

Contingent of possibly Iran Army 58th "Zolfighar" Commando Division

Contingent of IRIAF security personnel likely from Tehran/Mehrabad TAB 1

Identified by attached signage as Iran Army "Zolfaghar-E" main battle tank

Iran Army T-72S main battle tank with attached mine plow 

Left to right: T-72S MBT, BTR-60PB APC (possibly "BTR-82"), M114 howitzer and ZSU-57-2 SPAAG

Vehicles, left to right: BMP-2 IFV, T-55 med. tank, M60A1 MBT, Neynava truck and Safir "jeep" variants

Iran Army deminers issued with personal protective equipment (PPE)

Performance of Varzesh-e Pahlavani ("Heroic Sport") by elite members of Iran Army 

Photos: Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency and Hossein Zohrevand at Tasnim News Agency


NICO said...

Anyone know what city this is?

Anonymous said...

ancient equipment and pretty uniforms. a peacock army.

Gurney said...

Anonymous 9:25Pm

Well said. Goose stepping soldiers like the Islamic revolutionary guard corp the modern day equivalent to Himmler's SS! Recollect how those Iraqis put on quite a pretty show by parading their "grandiose" army just before they went into Kuwait? The whole World were in awe with jaws hanging at the sight of their Mighty army Rolling past....but we knew it was just a facade...we knew what would come!

B.M.A said...

Gurney !
-YOU HAVE been selling your personal lopsided views on the IRI military bit long !. NOW here are some answers hope you might see how far you are with the real world !.

You asserted the other day that the lavish show of goose stepping soldiers is synonymous with third world dictatorship -what a joke !.Take time to see the mighty Russian and Chinese ARMY.-But we know, people like you consider the west and the BOD in particular as the only real military because it won against oil producing super army Iraq!, AND illiterate Talibans..

seems that you miss the real meaning of goose stepping for soldiers.This is one of the many practices of the military to instill a sense of collective duty, discipline ,cohesion and of course give a Nation a sense of security especially a threatened country like Iran.

give us tangible reasons why YOU think that every Nation has to emulate the BOD in all matters of the military !.