Friday, September 12, 2014

Rouhani Meets with Russian and Chinese Leaders

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin today on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Dushanbe, Tajiskistan. They called for the expansion of cooperation between Russia and Iran. (IRNA, 12 September)

Earlier, Rouhani met with Chinese President Xi Jinping. They also discussed the importance of their bilateral relations, IRNA reported.

Rouhani told reporters upon returning to Tehran tonight that all SCO countries wanted to expand their relations with Iran.

Photo credit: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Russian President Vladimir Putin; Dushanbe, 12 September 2014 (IRNA)


Anonymous said...

Their smiles are the honest ones....


B.M.A said...

happy to see you sir

Anonymous said...

The Russians have realized the great mistake they made against Iran by voting for 4 UN sanctions against Iranian people. At that time they were enjoying good relations with the West and thought they can go ahead with their secret plans and didn't forecast the West's expansion towards Russia. Now things have changed and they are absolutely not in a position to screw Iran due to the dynamics with the West in Ukraine. Besides the sanctions they also canceled the delivery of the S-300 to Iran, a purely defensive weapon. And now their agents, spies and other hidden allies are doing whatever they can to make sure the Iran-West, mainly the Iran-US negotiations fail. Any improvement of Iran-US relationship would be a nightmare for them and right now the Russian agents inside Iran are heavily active to make sure Iran fails a rapprochement towards West. There is a hidden intelligence war like nothing else in Iran where at one side we have those who believe Iran should never have any good relationship with the West and should even fight them and those who believe Iran should have a balanced foreign policy towards both East and West so that Iran is not fully dependent on countries like China or Russia. But due to lack of understanding from people in Washington regarding this domestic struggle, the ones who prefer balance are under pressure and will once again lose to the ones backed by Russia. If stupid demands in the negotiations were lifted and a smoother and more realistic approach would be provided, then obviously moderate and balanced people inside Iran would become strong enough to boldly push back the Russian elements or even eliminate some of them. Obviously that is not the case right now.

Anonymous said...

Thank for your wishes, I am sorry I couldn't respond, but the reasons of that have been not by my fault".

The most important thing is that Iranian people and system have better chances to whitstand plots of their enemies.

Great things in history are usually born by sacrifices and patience

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your wishes, and we have now new situation where the Islamic Republic passed critical moments, because "the windows of opportunity" have been closed....

There is still a very small possibility for an adversary action, but a result of that will create an opposite to adversary's goals. It will cement unity of the nation and act as an immunization shot on a journey to the Iranian world power status.

I was silenced so far by not my own fault, and you may assume what were those reasons.... .

I have red Anon 4:36 PM comment, and don't see those matters as that Anon, because what is the most important for both countries like Iran and Russia in their own strategies, is to gain more time for developing their defenses and alternate economical development paths..

Should Russia deliver the S-300 system and lift other sanctions earlier, then we would see airstrikes or invasion in Syria, an imposition sanction on Russia, and accelerated arms race, which would drain both countries from their remaining funds....
So far oil prices are still not too low, and that is the result of Russian diplomatic game, where they have stated that additional sanctions imposed on Iran by the West, are baseless.

I think that Russia and Iran may complement their economical development without significant western help.

For instance, to build housing for population and use appliances manufactured domestically, or use Russian manufactured jetliners, that consume more fuel , which is in an abundance in both countries.

For an argument that Iran is not able to pay for Russia, because Russia doesn't need more oil from Iran, there is answer that they can transfer production of certain products to Iran or that Iranian workforce would be delegated to Russia to offset costs imported goods.

And at the end, it has to be said, that a great status of a country builds itself by patience and time....