Monday, September 29, 2014

New Iranian tactical weapons unveiled and tested by IRGC-GF

Mashregh News Agency reports new Iranian-built tactical weapons tested by IRGC-GF. Above: Asefeh 23x115 mm three-barrelled, Gatling-style cannon intended as a CIWS.

Asefeh CIWS with sense of scale provided by gunner

Truck-mounted Asefeh CIWS; claimed rate of fire is 900 rounds per minute

Fateh ("Conqueror") 5.56 mm carbine, assault rifle

Opposing view of Fateh ("Conqueror") 5.56 mm carbine, assault rifle

Fateh carbine, assault rifle handled by IRGC colonel

"Project Nasr" multi-barrel machine gun

"Project Nasr" multi-barrel machine gun mounted on Safir "jeep" type tactical vehicle

A 4x4 tactical vehicle resembling Iranian type predating mass production of Safir "jeep" type tactical vehicle

No photo provided by Iranian media but publicly disclosed is Remit AT mine system. Remit claims to be remotely activated and "capable of destroying an armored column within a radius of 100-150 meters."


Photos: Mohsen Ataei at Fars News Agency


Mark Pyruz said...

Quite an uptick in Iranian defense reporting with the escalation of U.S. military involvement in Syria and Iraq.

Unknown said...

That new assault rifle looks wicked!

Anonymous said...

Why are the guns pitch Black, yet the vehicles camouflaged?

Anonymous said...

Always something must be faulty

Anonymous said...

The gun will have camouflaged cover, you don't color it camouflaged as you might be using it in different environments on different jeeps with different camouflages, so you change the cover (I am talking about the 3-barrl gun)