Tuesday, January 22, 2013

“Don't Buy Our Oil? To Hell With You” - Ahmadinejad

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in remarks broadcast by state-run Television angrily scoffed at Western sanctions during an address to a large crowd in the western city of Hamedan.

"Don't buy our oil? To hell with you," Ahmadinejad said. “It's better if you don't buy... 10 times more money will head to people's pockets through the inventions of our scientists.” (IRINN, 22 January)
For Farsi speakers, the expression he used: “.به جهنم که نمی‌خرید، بهتر که نمی‌خرید"
The Iranian president did not explain why his administration, in power for nearly eight years, did not help create the wave of scientific inventions that could have produced 10 times more money than oil. Iran has depended on oil revenues for nearly 80 percent of its foreign currency revenue.
Iran’s income from oil exports has dropped by more than 45 percent in the last year as a result of sanctions. Meanwhile, the value of the Iranian currency, the rial, has been cut by half in the past twelve months, today trading at 36,500 to dollar.
File photo: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (IRNA)


Anonymous said...

"Economics is for donkeys." LOL!

Anonymous said...

He means 10 times more (printed money) in Rial ...

reader said...

An embarrassingly ‘unstateman-like' comment from a man holding a position that dictates a much more considered and thoughtful use of language.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

What "inventions" is this cretin carping about?

F1Pilot said...

Velayat-e-faqi will stand for a thousand years ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Didn't Hitler say that?
He lasted for 12 years.

Anonymous said...

I bet, that you all will wither and the Islamic Republic will still stand.

When time is good, only the fools don't take opportunites to get advantages from them.
Countries in a development like Iran and others around the world, take advantages from high oil prices to beef up their economies to a different degrees.

Iran in comparison to others used its oil revenues to better develop its economy than majority of other oil rich nations.

Because current blackmail of the West, there is a time to plan and exercise other ways to overcome these problems.


Mark Pyruz said...

When I hear such defiant words from the Iranian leadership, I'm reminded of Churchill. But like the British in the 1940s, the Iranians pay a price for their principled stance defying hegemony. Whether it's worth it or not, it's not up to us to really say. It's up to the Iranians inside Iran. And according to all the polls conducted with scientifically derived methodologies, like their British counterparts during the 40's, the majority of those people in the Islamic Republic reckon their sovereignty and independence is worth the struggle.

Expatriates might have a tough time dealing with that, or even place themselves in a state of denial over it, but facts are facts. No offense but we Americans have seen similar anti-America attitudes from our American expatriates, beginning with those that fled our American revolution in the 1780s to be received by our enemies at the time Britain and Canada, to the 100,000 that fled America in the late 60's and early 70s and were referred to by us loyal Americans as "draft dodgers".

B,M.A said...


@today Iran is the only Nation that can tell off the West on their face AND HAVE NOTHING to lose!.

@this is the most deserving response from the noble nation of Iran to the West-since we all know the sanctions has nothing to do with nuclear or the ISLAMIC establishment but rather the fact that the Iranian are charting an independent route to becoming a modern and technological power.NOW even if a democracy was to to be installed in Tehran,still the West would not feel at home with HER if it still pursues technological independence!.

tubtuilayka said...

I am only bedazzled at the power of this cabal which rules the world. It has imposed the most merciless economic sanctions on Iran for:
1- Nuclear weapons which are not there (Compare to those who have them and continue to produce them)
2- Iran's defiance to be independent

Anonymous said...

What are you blabbering about A-F? Which economy is being developed in Iran?
Iran under the Islamic regime can't even produce enough quality fuel for domestic use.Tehran and other cities in Iran are the most polluted in the world because of that low grade of quality.The factories are being closed down and workers laid off because it is more profitable for the IRGC to import rejected junk from China.

You must be some kind of day dreamer. You really need a reality check!

Anonymous said...

Here you go again comparing Winston Churchill a very educated man that came from a patriotic family with a uneducated anti Iranian Islamist terrorist who can't stand the sight of Iranian nationhood.
You are a very silly man if you think in your very tiny little mind that the Iranian people support the occupying regime in Iran,whose leader is a known criminal which was the main instigator behind the cinema REX arson that caused the death of 400 innocent cinema goers.

Nader Uskowi said...


To be in a state of denial or be a realist depends on the individual. You cannot brush aside the Iranian expats by such broad, unfair and untrue characterizations. I was in Paris in 1978 when Khomeini arrived. Without any exception, all the people in his inner circle in Paris were long-time expats, some of them my friends. Khomeini himself was outside the country, living in exile in Iraq for nearly two decades. We have expats and we have expats, broad generalizations do not work, comparing the American cultural exiles of those days with Iranian political exiles are also not good comparison.

Having said that, I totally agree that the Iranian people inside should and will decide the future of the country and its politics. The country is divided on some major issues, including the effectiveness of their government’s dealing with the West. Hope cooler heads prevail and in absence of a military conflict, the Iranian nation can find its way out of the current crisis.

Nader Uskowi said...

B.M.A., What are you talking about? Today’s Iran, or for that matter any country, has nothing to lose? Are you serious? I sincerely hope that the leadership in Iran does not get fooled by sloganeering like comparing them to Churchill and telling them that have nothing to lose. They have a lot to lose, and they know it, at least let’s hope they do.

Anonymous said...

an entirely admirable response to Mr Pyruz, an obviously intelligent man, who consistently offers up shallow and hollow attempts at comparison amongst other limp claims in defense of a regime undeserving of his efforts and under which he would not wish to be governed.

Anonymous said...

sie senior
selling crude oil, is the donkey economy

Anonymous said...

Mark Pyruz there are nearly eight million Iranian expats living abroad.Are you saying they don't count as Iranian?
At this rate of migration there will be more Iranians abroad than Iran itself because of the policies of the occupying regime.
Also it is beginning to dawn on people in Iran that possibly one of the only ways to get rid of the occupying regime is through the use of force.
Stop living in cloud cuckoo land!

B.M.A said...

Mr. Nader-
You hold some very easy but strange solutions on the issue of US/IRAN relations!and it is a fact also that many among the learned in the other side of the IRANIAN political divide share a common formula to unlock the 'dispute b/tween the West and Iran. BUT you Guys!, why don't you look at the US with its machinations through a microscope?!.I have said it that Mr Nader you are too sincere,in your intentions,but has it not downed on you that THE US[beside the grandeur,glamor,glittering ,IS a Nation build on the foundations of slavery and servitude,its economy driven by a vibrant defense industry,inside these industries are weapons that are forbidden but bring in millions of dollars in profits.And that the US has nothing to care about who rules in Tehran,be it a Cleric or a J.F!!, PROVIDED its interests are not in jeopardy.
-BUT SIR,even those critics in CHINA who made every effort to admonish their Nation in the eyes of the world believing that CHINA has to adopt democracy AND OPEN UP,ended up eating a humble pie! for in the end the WEST i mean the US was forced to make an engagement with BEIJING!.-Today China has its own position in the global equation thanks to many years of sacrifices and humiliation.we all know China is not at par with west in technology,however it has much more to show and count for themselves as having their own technology in space,automobile,weaponry,and more--ALL THESE were possible through their Leaders whom the WEST and the short sighted opposition [democracy proponents]had portrayed as tyrants!.
-AND why does IRAN have nothing to loose when its leaders tells off the West on the issue of sanctions?-IT IS BECAUSE ,IRAN HAS LEADERS WHOM- behind them -are learned men and women ,an army of fine brains that have some good calculations!THEY KNOW WELL THE WEST ECONOMY IS IN NEED OF IRAN more than the other way round.!!.

Anonymous said...

B.M.A,the "LEADERS WHOM" behind them are "learned" men and women as you claim are only "learned" in the art of stealing and using their army in oppressing the nation.

Anonymous said...

Very soon you will see launches of satellites and live creatures as well domestically built third generation military jet-airplane and a new larger submarine.

Iran has undertaken a goal to produce all necessary fuels in the country in the next couple years...

Islamic government doesn't buy luxorious cars like Persian Gulf's sheiks do.

Iranian scientists work to invent advanced cures and medicines to treat ilnesses while the PG's sheiks count their money and diamonds..

Turkey which had built big facilities in anticipation to build jetfighters after the F-16 contract, is not able to design its own like Iranians do.

And other coutries with sufficient resources and without sanctions are not able to work on thier space programs like Iran does despite sanctions.

Without sanctions one could already see Iranians in the space manned flight.
All these false accusations and discriminatory actions are pretexts meant to prevent development of Iran to the level of countries such as South Korea or Japan.. and prevent Islamic Republic to show the world that Islamic system of Iran can achieve such goals like a manned flight into the space...


Anonymous said...

No,the regime are just hypocrites and pretend they are "pious" to fool gullible people like you.
Meanwhile they have amassed Billions of Dollars stolen from Iranian people and deposited in foreign bank accounts and still pay you $30 a day to write your dross.

You forgot to mention the shiny new amputation machine that the regime has successfully tested recently.
You must be really proud of that achievement.

Anonymous said...

Enemies of Iran or Islamic Republic try to dismantle and prevent a chance for a development of Iran to the highest levels, by using old formula "divide and rule".
In order to do that, according to known scenarrios; from the different of periods of the world history, they will try to break common denominator of social unity, which in many instances are common rewligious beliefs.
The second step in that scenarrios is to deprive or eliminate a society or an organization of its leadership. (even the West cannot deny that it is his preferential method: all those drones primarily hunt for leaders and in Syria-last year they had almost decapitated its leadership.
Another method; beloved on this blog, is to create false accusation, character assasination, mockery and to ridicule the present Iranian leadership.

To reply to your info about amputation machine, I would like to state that the enemies of Iran try to carry out "a silent castration" of Iran; with the help of many on this blog, and to make "NEUTERED" IRAN.

They envision Iran with a Mc Donalds' types of jobs and the low paid work force that will make a profits for the Zionists and western hypocrities.

They believe that they will entertain present society with a new "culture", which will bring sex shops, tatoo saloons, casinos and gay clubs as well as various mariages that may inclde " a marriage to someone's pet".....

Educated specialist and scientists may get visa permits and work in other countris , so those countries will not have to spent money on education of their own students and have more money for next wars...

That is all at this time I may add something later at a different posts...