Tuesday, January 15, 2013

IAEA Delegation Arriving in Tehran Ahead of New Far-Reaching Sanctions

IAEA delegation is to arrive in Tehran on Wednesday to strike a deal on the inspection regime of the country’s nuclear facilities only three weeks before the full force of U.S. sanctions against Iran goes into effect. Reporting on the subject, Christian Science Monitor’s Roshanak Taghavi writes that as the result of the new sanctions billions of dollars worth of Iranian money could end up permanently out of Tehran's reach.
To read Taghavi’s report, please click here.
Photo credit: Herman Nackaerts, center, deputy director of IAEA, speaks to the press before his flight to Iran at Vienna's Schwechat airport, Austria. Tuesday, 15 January. (Ronald Zak/AP/CSM)

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Mark Pyruz said...

Interesting to see:

a) How China responds to this heightening of the economic war against Iran.

b) How effective regional Iranian countermeasures will deal with these new sanctions.