Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kuwait Future Generations Fund Reaches $261 Billion

Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) has accumulated assets worth  $261 billion for its ‘Future Generations Fund,’ meant to provide for future generations in a country where more than half of nationals are under 25, Kuwait’s al-Qabas newspaper reported on Sunday. (Reuters, 13 January)

Kuwait puts a percentage of its annual oil revenues into the Future Generations Fund. In September 2010, Kuwait decided to increase its contribution to the fund to 25 percent of its total oil revenues, up from 10 percent previously.

The Future Generations Fund does not include the country’s substantial foreign currency reserves, which is known as General Reserve Fund, also managed by KIA.

File photo: Kuwaiti currency, the dinar (Al-Arabiya)


Anonymous said...

And all the funds in Iran has gone to the hidden imam.

Anonymous said...

That's right,to the hidden imam of jamcaron bank in Switzerland,LOL!

B.M.A said...

INVEST IN EDUCATION INSTEAD!-instead of engaging in a political gimmick to hide the looting committed by the Royals,Kuwait should instead build universities ,colleges and other vital institutions.another thing, open the country and engage in openness in managing the country.MAYBE borrow a leaf from IRAN,DESPITE THE envy by the cruel West with their sanctions, IRAN HAS A BRIGHT FUTURE!!.

Anonymous said...

Kuwait was one of the major financiers of Saddam during his war with Iran. This while the Iranian state was poring everything it had into defending the nation. Such is your blinding hatred and cultural degeneration that you rather praise Kuwait than pass on an opportunity to mock the Iranian leadership. I am myself not a proponent of any form of governance based on Islam, but you people have no shame in you whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

there was no praise for Kuwait in this short report. perhaps you should have noticed that before posting your comment.

Anonymous said...

possibly a glowing one.

Anonymous said... --- Banks cyber-attacked by Iran.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:59 AM

What are you jabbering about man? No one needs to mock the un-Iranian leadership,because they mock themselves on a daily bases in front of the whole world.
Cultural degeneration is caused by the Islamic regime when young Iranian girls are being sold off to the UAE and Qatar.When woman are treated as third class citizens.When grown woman needs permission from men to get passports to travel.When children are burnt alive in their school because of primitive heating systems,while the monies are given away to Syria and Palestinians.When there is mass unemployment due to closure of factories so that IRGC bandits could import from China to make more profit for themselves.
People have no jobs and are struggling to put bread on table while the "leadership" grows fat from stealing and oppressing the people.
Looks like you have no shame whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Without mullahs.

Anonymous said...

All right then,glowing mullahs,LOL!

Anonymous said...

I just can't understand why it is so difficult for everyone to understand.

This article in it entirety says one thing:

"Kuwait outplayed Iran"

I know its a hard a pill to swallow...but that is what happened and is happening.

And also, not all of that money was made during the iran-iraq war. They got screwed by Saddam back, but they managed to survive and put away $261 billion for their future generation.

At least we destroy Kuwait in football.

Anonymous said...

glowing mullahs making the Geiger counters click.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 6:59 AM

1st point: If you had read history properly and had cared about learning the real facts then you would have understood that the town which you Iranians falsely call Khoramshahr used to be an Iraqi city before the Ottoman empire conquered and occupied Iraq. The original name of the city was Mohammara.

This was also the case with many other smaller towns and villages as well, in the province that you falsely named Khuzestan, which used to belong to Iraq as Al-Ahwaz. More examples ... Ebadan became Abadan, and Khofajiyeh became Susangerd etc

2nd point: Did you know that Saddam sent friendly and positive messages to the newly established revolutionary regime when they came to power in Iran. He did not think of them as adversaries or even enemies yet, in the beginning days of the revolution. He actually was serious about setting up ties with the clerics/mullahs. He even congratulated them on their success and gave them his best wishes! Instead of accepting his outreach for mutual friendship, what did the mullahs do, they started to interfer in Iraqi internal affairs.

They had a hostile attitude towards Iraq right from the start, and only wanted to realize their own malicious plans. Funding Shi'ite political parties and their militias. Ordering Shi'ites to carry out sabotage and planting bombs in various places. The worst was the assasination attempt on the Iraqi foreign minister, Tariq Aziz.

The mullahs openly declared and stated that they wanted to spread their ideology far and wide with whatever means available. Mullahs treathened the internal stability and security of the countries across the Persian Gulf.

3rd point: You claim to be against this theocratical mullah regime that has imprisoned the population inside Iran. Did you know that Saddam's main goal with invading Iran was to depose Khomeini and his henchmen, and open up the opportunity for other moderate political entities to seize control, because they did exist and were supressed immediatly after Khomeini arrived.

His intent with the attack on Iran was not to take over all of Iran and put occupational forces everywhere, but his mission was a just and noble one, namely to force the tyrannical and dangerous religious lunatics to the negotiating table with the purpose of forcing them to cede what was once the territory of Iraq, and the Shatt Al Arab (which is the original name, meaning "the river of the Arabs"), and not the fake name Karun.

The Iranian clerical leadership, like the Shah before them, greedily wanted to deny Iraq access to the Persian Gulf, while Iran had many outlets to the sea. Iraq had only one deep-water port at Ummul Qasr. And to add insult to injury, Iran enforced taxes on Iraq ships that traveled in the Shatt Al Arab.

So in conclusion his two main objectives were logical and righteous, and that was the reason why he recieved help from many different countries, while almost nobody sided with Khomeini (see above reasons)

Anonymous said...

Iraq is an artificial country created by the British.
Iran on the other hand has a history of well over 2600 years.
It has been called ALVAND RUD for 2600 years you dopy twit.
You know what you can do with your "Shatt Al Arab"?
That's right you guessed it!