Monday, January 28, 2013

Iran to Provide More Electricity for Afghanistan

Iran and Afghanistan have signed an energy cooperation agreement on electricity. Under the agreement, Iran will export more electricity to Afghanistan’s western provinces of Herat, Nimrooz, and Farah.

Afghanistan’s Minister of Energy and Water Mohammad Ismail Khan and his Iranian counterpart Majid Namjoo signed the agreement in Kabul on Monday.

Namjoo had held talks with Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Sunday.

Iran has provided assistance to Afghanistan over the past ten years, including building of hospitals, schools, roads, bridges and railway and providing electricity to western Afghanistan.

Photo credit: Afghanistan’s Minister of Energy Ismail Khan (left) and Iran’s Energy Minister Majid Namjoo. Kabul, 28 January 2013. (IRNA/Press TV)


Anonymous said...

Tell me is this export of electricity going to be paid for with drugs?

Anonymous said...

This is a good strategic move as now both Iraq and Afghanistan are linked to the Iranian electricity grid. Iran has been very successful in dam building and generating hydro, nuclear and wind power. Even Turkey and Pakistan are looking for Iranian electricity supplies.

Anonymous said...

Well done to the Islamic Republic of Iran!

Anonymous said...

No islamic republic of Iran.

Only IRAN !

Anonymous said...

We could have our own electricity and not count on Iran. Iran is keep delaying water project that will help to produce electric but Iran doesn't want it. Ismael khan is an Iranian dog.