Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Iran, World Powers to Meet 28-29 January

Iran and world powers will meet on 28-29 January for further negotiations over Iran's nuclear program, ISNA reported today. No venue for the talks has yet been decided.

Meanwhile, the visiting IAEA delegation began talks with the Iranian officials in Tehran today to reach a deal to access Parchin military base as part of its investigation into suspected military dimensions to the Iranian nuclear program.

IAEA Deputy Director Herman Nackaerts said in Vienna before leaving for Tehran that his team was ready to visit Parchin immediately if access were granted. Tehran says a “framework accord” on inspection regime with the IAEA should be reached first before any visit to Parchin is granted.
IAEA and Iran have long been discussing the framework agreement without any success. IAEA wants unimpeded access for its inspectors to check Iran’s nuclear activities, an accord known as the Additional Protocol.
The outcome of the negotiations between the IAEA and Iran will have an immediate impact on the 28-29 January meeting with the six world powers. Iran will also be mindful of the impending and far-reaching new sanctions that will go into effect on 6 February, blocking cash payments to Iran for its oil, potentially keeping billions of dollars in oil revenues out of Tehran’s reach.  

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from 6 Feb begin the fall of regime
some very scary sanctions coming.