Monday, January 21, 2013

Hangings For Everyone--Iran

By: Jabbar Fazeli, MD

Iran hanged (slow strangulation with a crane) two more Iranians yesterday (1). In one of the photos you can see the soon to be hanged trying to comfort himself by putting his head on the shoulder of the executioner.

By itself this is no news, as the Islamic Republic happens to be proud of its "hanging" industry and holds a few world records in this category. What's new is that the condemned were petty thieves who represent the, sanction induced, crime wave in the country, and this hanging represents the iron fist approach chosen to tackle this crime wave.

Last month the head of the judiciary, Sadegh Larijani (the brother of Ali Larijani, the parliament speaker), expanded the death penalty to include violent robberies. Iran traditionally brands certain criminals as "mohareb" to qualify them for the death penalty. This "Enemy of God" category has included killers, rapists, drug traffickers, "spies", political and opposition activists, bloggers, journalists, lawyers, and now it includes violent robbers. 

These two particular robbers were prefect candidates for the regime to use as an example, as their crime was caught on tape showing them robbing and attacking a man with a machete. The state TV showed the following clip as evidence of their crime:

Most executions in Iran happen behind prison walls, but the Iranian regime likes to have  a few public hangings to show the people who's boss and to "deter" certain activities, criminal and otherwise. The exact names and numbers of people being executed in Iran is a state secret and most die without much fanfare. 

Most convictions in Iran are based on "confessions" and the state TV often airs the confessions of prominent convicted "criminals" before public hangings. Considering the secrecy of the judiciary system and the inability of the accused to mount a meaningful defense, expanding the death penalty to include more crimes can serve to provide the regime with more options to charge and convict people at will. Iranian prisons currently house defense lawyers who were brave enough to stand in defense of some of these "criminals. The Sakharov prize laureate Nasrin Sotoudeh is one high profile example (  

Assuming that all the accused are guilty, as is often the outcome in Iranian courts, the question to ask is "on what basis do robbers deserve the death penalty"?

Even under the harshest version of the "eye for an eye" sharia law, the death penalty would not apply in cases of violent robbery. It is another example of how a regime, based on religion, is bending religion to suit its political and social objectives.

The "hangings for everyone" approach reflects the supreme need of this regime to stay in power at all cost. The approach can be best understood in military terms; Every challenge can be overcome with "violence" and brute force.

When activists demonstrate on the streets, the regime arrests, torture, and hangs a few.

When bloggers and journalists challenge the assertions and policies of the government, the regime arrests, torture, and kills a few.

When religious and ethnic minorities advocate for more rights, they are lumped with the most violent separatists and hanged just the same.

When the economy tanks and the unemployed resort to crime, the regime deflects responsibility, ignores the root causes, and resorts to hangings as a means to curb crime and save their own hide.

One would only have to read the comments that follow this piece to see the military doctrine the regime is following. To counter the blog threats the military option include  the use of thousands of "cyber basij" hired to take the "war" to the cyber "enemy", regardless of the truth.

In short, for every social and political problem in Iran the regime is offering a "violent solution". Little that they know that the inevitable result of this "strategy of violence" is that the regime's own end is now more and more likely to be a violent one.

For more on the inhuman hanging practices in Iran see


Photo source: AP,, jpost, NYT


Anonymous said...

the hangings for everybody policy has an upside in that it may be applied to the head of state, the Larajanis, the defense minister and a few other low-lifes currently living high.

Anonymous said...

How pathetic that some naive individuals on this blog feel empathy for low-lifes such as the ones in the Youtube clip. Ridiculous !!!

Mark Pyruz said...

What "world records" are you referring to, Jabbar?

And "petty crime" is not an actual charge or conviction. From the video, I can see attempted murder and armed robbery. There could be special circumstances attached to these crimes, as well. Do you have the court records to cite? Police records?

We have capital punishment here in the United States, as well. If you add up our American executions from as far back as our American revolution, it's quite impressive by any measure. We execute for treason, as well, women included.

Don't get me wrong, I'm against the death penalty. But if we're going to put ourselves forward as activists on the subject, we should start right here at home, where we reside.

Anonymous said...

Iran has the worst hanging-methode on this world, and its so inhuman, that the only practical reason I can think of, is too scare its own people, even the political activists. I can't wait on the day of Khamenei being hanged in the same manner on Azadi square.

Anonymous said...

The ability to feel empathy for human beings, even for such individuals, is often a characteristic of proper functioning of our brains. You may not feel any empathy, but my advice would be to consult a doctor, rather than attack us for having this ability. Or as Dostoyevsky put it:

''The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons.''

Anonymous said...

What an IDIOTIC and exaggerated by-line. I presume that Jabber's lack of English comprehension got the better of him with such sensationalist headlines.

This is a matter of criminal law and punishment and nothing to do with world "standards". Actually, the deadbeat US holds the world title in sheer number of people incarcerated, crimes and executions, mostly Blacks, Hispanics and minorities. Iran is a law abiding country with very little violence or crime by world standards, try India, South Africa, Egypt, Mexico and Brazil to start with. In Iran the judicial process if transparent and justice is quick.

Anonymous said...

Usual hyperbole from Mr.F who simply does not understand the US gulag system. I guess he expects Iran to feed these scum criminals aab ghoost.

Anonymous said...

Mark Pyruz the resident regime apologist.The crime by these four young men did not fit the punishment.No one was killed and the petty criminals escaped with $20.
For that petty crime they should have been put away for a one year stint in prison.But the regime can't resist a hanging.
Now put that into perspective when compared to the regimes criminals for instance,the $2.8 Billion stolen from the bank,the missing Billions unaccounted for in the NIOC (oil company) and countless other frauds and criminal and murderous acts by the regime.
Khamenei ordered not to talk about those criminal acts and forbid the newspapers from publishing them.That alone proves his hands in those many crimes.
Now we know that you will spin some BS about the US being comparable to the Islamist rapist theocracy,but we can see through all that BS of yours.

Anonymous said...

That's right.The reason the regime uses these tactics is to scare the population into fear of the regime.Don't forget the so called "elections" is due,so they are using this tactic as a warning.
Although I perfectly understand your feelings towards Khamenei.I think the best method for him is to put him in a cell with female guards(without hejab) playing AH IRAN and the old Iranian flag(Lion&Sun)waving outside his window.
Then only then after a while we will consider hanging him.

Anonymous said...

As much as the author of this diatribe may hate to admit, most Iranian actually approve of this method of punishment. Those you see in the picture actually committed crimes. Compare that to how the US detains people without trail and even assassinates them based on "suspicions".

It serves as a deterrent to wannabe criminals who think they can get away with it. Those idiots got what they deserve. On another note, the beacon of human rights a democracy,USA, has the number of people on death-row and also the highest number of prison execution in the world.. Even China doesn't come close.

See, the funny thing about those "We love Iranians" human rights preachers/activists is that, they expose their ignorance and stupidity about Iranian society anytime they embark on such futile campaigns. Whoever's paying them is really wasting money for nothing.

Yes, please tag me as paid regime supporter!!!

Anonymous said...

What a IDIOTIC and exaggerated nonsense.China is the top executioner then followed by Iran.
When the regime falls the justice on the criminals that ran it will be quick as well ;-)

Anonymous said...

Obviously Anon 9:04 AM is a USA apologist and a warmonger. Perhaps even on their payroll.

Clearly, the young men in the video engaged in an armed robbery in which they swinged a machete towards the victims face. This is referred to intent to kill - regardless of the amount of money that was stolen - and carries a high punishment even in the most liberal of countries.

Unlike you, I live and work in Tehran part of the year and, unlike you, I know very well that the people of that city are fed up with robberies of various kind. The robberies are often very violent and traumatic for the victims and people (not the regime) have demanded police to take further action against criminal gangs.

Anonymous said...

This was the regime saying,"we are tough"!
But in reality they are using scare tactics against the population for reasons that are obvious,namely crowd control.
This execution doesn't fit the crime.
And one more thing,you don't speak on behalf of all Iranians,so keep your diatribe to yourself and live comfortably and hypocritically as you are in the West.

Anonymous said...

Well said...

Ironically, the most ignorant and hateful comments on this blog are from those supposedly in favor of a free and democratic Iran. One does not dare to voice an opinion or else all hell breaks loose...

Nader Uskowi said...

Reading some of the comments on this posts and associated emails, I believe that there might be some misunderstanding on the scope and the focus of this blog. As our name implies, we are a blob about Iran, trying to offer actual reporting, analysis and editorials on the current issues in the country. So when we run a post on the recent executions in Iran, that does not mean that death penalty is not an issue elsewhere, like in China or the U.S. But coverage of those issues is simply outside the scope of this blog. Or similarly when we run posts on military developments in Iran, it does not mean that the military developments in other countries are not important, but our identity limits us to cover developments in Iran.

I invite all our commentators to focus on issues on hand facing Iran. Unless we want to justify Iran’s problems by referencing similar issues existing elsewhere. On this particular post, the main issue was these executions were repugnant even by Iran’s standards. A new low for the country. Do you agree or disagree, and why?

Of course, we need and should cover/pay attention to developments outside Iran that tare relevant to the country. For example, we posted on Obama’s inauguration yesterday. Not an analysis of his speech, but highlighting his comments on foreign affairs that the decade of wars was over and time was for engagement. That’s an important issue affecting Iran. But we do not offer analysis of his speech as it affects the internal American politics; there are so many good blogs that do that. On Israel, we do cover the elections and Netanyahu’s important comments for obvious reasons; they affect Iran, and have regularly covered Israeli perspectives on Iran through our cooperation with IranEdge. But we cannot, and do not have the expertise, to offer in-depth analysis of Israeli election, for example. Question like why Netanyahu didn’t help himself with filing a joint list of candidates with Lieberman’s Beiteinu, or the future of Naftali Bennett and his Habayit Hayehudi block in Israeli politics.

reader said...

By any standard of justice this punishment does not fit the crime - they deserved punishment not a gruesome execution. The crime committed by these two unfortunate individuals falls under the category of ‘armed robbery’ which is defined as the criminal act of stealing another person's property, without consent, while in the possession of a weapon such as a gun or knife. In a civil society the crime of this nature usually carry a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of life sentence depending on the prior criminal records and extent of the bodily injury. I understand these two individuals had a history of violent crimes and the best and human punishment would have been to lock them up for life or until until such a time when they were no longer a danger to the public. I wish our mullas have a better understanding of the value of human life and that even the worst murderers deserve a life in permanent custody.

Anonymous said...

These are the reasons for public hangings. To show POWER, CONTROL & FEAR. No matter what the crime is, the Iranian Regime wants show they have the POWER or AUTHORITY to conduct such acts without question. The Iranian Regime wants to CONTROL the behavior and thought process of individuals by creating FEAR. It's the message you have to understand from the Regime.


Anonymous said...

Then obviously you're a stooge of the fascist theocracy for coming out with such nonsense.
Unlike you who writes daily B*LL CR*P just to prove to your masters that you're hard at work shifting their manure to earn $25.00 a day.I do this for nothing and expose the daily diatribe coming from the likes of you.
For your information,I live in Tehran as well and know very well the lack of work for the young unless of course you're a mozdor of the regime.
But there are reasons for the huge increase of armed robbery,prostitution and drugs in Iran and the reason are because the Islamic mafia state doesn't give a damn about Iran except lining their own deep pockets and helping terrorists.
Long time ago before you were born it was very safe to walk the streets in Tehran,day or night and you hardly saw squads of armed police or truck loads of hired thugs (basij) armed with knives and chains patrolling the streets.
This is what happens when the most ignorant and criminal members of society take over a modern country and turn it into a 7th century medieval and barbaric theocracy.
The mafia theocracy and their criminal gangs has no solutions for Iran's woes,except public hangings,imprisonment,raping,torturing and murdering the Iranian nation on a daily bases.
The real criminals that you support and possibly on their payroll are the ones that need to be hanged,not someone that tried to help their sick mother by stupidly doing this petty crime.

Anonymous said...

Well said Z!

Yossarian said...

Am I the only one here "turned on" by these pictures?

Anonymous said...

What opinion man? Your opinion suggests that you approve of the regimes criminal acts by justifying the executions of these two young men.
"Ignorant" is applicable to a person that refuses to except the truth that what the regime did to these two young men was disproportionate to their crime.
If the truth interprets as "hateful" to you then you're a lost cause.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Great to know that you feel so darn sorry for these criminals. Better yet, you ought to send them all visas and invite them to the US, take them home with you, cloth them, feed them, pay all their expenses so the Iranian people won't have to worry about their hard earned taxmoney going to maintaining these basket cases. I'm sure the Iranian authorities would accept your request of exporting these folks to your place.

Anonymous said...

how can we be sure that you are here other than by being certain that you are not all there?

Anonymous said...

I almost never agree with the "everything is the regime's fault (including my burnt toast)!" crowd on this blog, but I can't help but to to disagree with capital punishment in most cases, especially when the executions are sometimes performed as they are in Iran (in public with cranes).

In any case, the video did not show a petty crime. The man with the machete at one point even took a hack at the man being robbed. A poor man only looking for money would not assault him as the man being robbed was obviously terrified and willing to give his possessions. The criminal should be tried to full extent of the law, but not hanged on a crane.

Anonymous said...

Reaction of Islamic Republic to EU and UN critic.

Unknown said...

There are pills for that!

Unknown said...

Thanks Mark.

The "world records" I'm referring to can be found in the amnesty international report, The UN human rights report, The state department report, among others. They do make for interesting reading.

As far as court and police records, unlike the USA, Iran has no freedom of information act, or any other freedom for that matter, and as such there is no Internal Iranian data for us to review. If you have a reliable way of obtaining raw unedited data i would welcome the opportunity to review them.

With regards to the convicted being guilty of a crime, as I said, I am willing to concede that the two convicted youth are in fact guilty as charged of "armed robbery". My point still stands that there is no law in Sharia or civil law that would justify the death penalty.

I have read the Quran in my native Arabic cover to cover and I challenge you to find me the verse that demands the death penalty for "armed robbery". The iranian civil law has no such provision either.

It is extraordinary for the judiciary to amend the law without the parliament ever amending the law to expand the death penalty to include lesser crimes. Even if we compare the USA to Iran, which is quite a stretch, you can not find a precedence for a judge r the attorney general holding a news conference and expanding the death penalty to include armed robberies.

In a civilized society, such matters of life and death are not decided based on public opinion but rather the "rule of law".

If the Iranian regime was abiding by the rule of law it would have proposed a law change through the parliament were proper debate and vote would have taken place then the executive branch would have had to have signed on, then it would be implemented by the judiciary.

Last but not least, I don't think it's a fair argument to say that just because the US had Guantanamo that gives the islamic republic a license to liberally hang its own people.

Unknown said...

well said!

B,M.A said...

Your poor grasp of criminal law is putting you to shame!. what these guys did is 'robbery with violence!!'-a capital offense carrying a death penalty anywhere in the civilized or uncivilized world!.

B.M.A said...

INTELLECTUAL DISHONESTY or lack of it stalking J.F!!.

Here you are again with the usual desperate anti regime jibe!!BUT this time around you have taken a new role-defending Robers and rapists.once again you have displayed a poor grasp of Islamic law as well as civil law. And here is how you are missing the boat by the river!

@'The regime is proud of its hanging industry and holds a few records!' and that the criminals were petty thieves forced into the criminal industry hardships induced by sanctions!

-Reply one-

Iran has never been proud of its hanging practices and this blocks are not petty thieves as you want your readers to believe!.this is the truth instead-IRAN is an Islamic state ,meaning it derives much of its law and judgement from ISLAMIC LAW as per the interpretations of Shia Islam.Islamic law demands that certain punishments be done on public for obvious reasons.and why do you class a capital offene as a petty crime?-WHAT THESE people did is called robbery with violence! a capital offense warranting the death penalty wherever!But we were all apprehensive in reading your article fearing that you would produce evidence to show that the charges were just trumped up and the video clip was a fraud!.

-reply two-

Evidently you show much compassion to these criminals,wishing that instead of the noose, they be sent into a rehabilitation center ! for behavioral therapy !BUT ARE you more compassionate than even the Creator himself?-Islam demands such class of criminals to die including those who curse the NAME of the almighty!however the Koran might be too harsh to some!, so let us HEAR the Bible!!!---Leviticus!24:10-14-"Now the son of an Israelite woman, whose father was an Egyptian, went out among the children of of Israel,and this Israelite Women son and a man of Israel fought each other in the camp,and the Israelite woman son blasphemed the Name of the lord and cursed. and so they brought him to MOSES [his mothers name was Shelomith the daughter of Dibri of the tribe of Dan]they put him to custody that the mind of the Lord might be shown to them. And the LORD spoke to Moses 'Take outside the camp him who has cursed, then let all who heard him lay their hands on his head and let all the congregation STONE HIM!....AND SURELY whoever blasphemes the name of the Lord shall surely be put to death!-public punishments in ISLAM is in harmony
WITH JUDAISM!.[unless you want to tell us that Judaism too is a violent terrorist cult]

@'even under the harshest version of 'eye to an eye sharia law' the death penalty would not apply to cases of violent robbery!,this is another example of how a regime based on religion is bending religion to suit its political and social objectives!

-reply one-

your grasp of sharia laws is wanting given your assertion below that you read the KORAN and did not find tat rulling as though the Koran is a fixed standard source of ISLAMIC LAW!-when will you you learn that the KORAN has some translations and hadeeth to unravel it? nowhere in the KORAN does it show when and how Muslims should pray! yet it is incumbent for every Muslim to observe the five daily prayers.

-reply two-

a violent robber faces the death penalty in Islam,IN INDIA,OR RUSSIA-what you need to do is to dig deep into ISLAMIC SHARIA BOOKS!

conclusion-we are not paid cyber bassij,but jut to tame your overflowing rage on the regime wherever you make your 'factual reporting.'

Unknown said...

@BMA 6:42
As usual, you wrote a lot and said nothing.

I am still waiting for ONE reference in the holly book or the law to back your claims.

It is people like you who give Islam a bad name by claiming that your opinions is God's words.

PS. Please clean up your language and use of adjectives if you expect your comments to be published.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha!! B.M.A,a man got to know their limitation!

B.M.A said...


it is a strange world this one,how does someone using all manner of NAME CALLING,and unfair language coupled with adjectives,and wont confine himself on the issue at hand instead will take his readers to a deviation route and littteraly start firring at the regime randomly !in an attempt to potray it as bad as possible!.BUT Again He has guts and nuts to advice people!.well sir!I TAKE YOUR ARGUMENT AND ADVICE HANDS DOWN!!.

Anonymous said...

May the day arrive so that the very ropes will be used against the mullahs.

Anonymous said...

So what do you want Fazeli to do?
To spread the propaganda BS spun by the regime and its stooges?
He doesn't have to portray the regime as bad as possible.The regime has been doing a very nice job in the last 34 years portraying itself as the worst type of system of governance on the planet.
So you know what you can do with your Islamist agenda.

Anonymous said...

no, BMA--- robbery with violence is not a capitol offense in the vast majority of the nations of the world.

nowhere in North America, South America, Europe, or Oceania is that a capital crime.

stop simply making things up in your ignorance and spewing crud onto the site.

Anonymous said...

If they think they are on the side of right then why are those cowards wearing balaclavas?

Anonymous said...

And so it shall be done in your dreams. Ha!

Anonymous said...

You're not very bright are you? So that the companions of those thugs that are still out there won't be able to exact their revenge.

Anonymous said...

in fact in Qur'an Allah allow only slightly cutting the thief's hand in order to give chance him/her to be repented. death penalty can/must be for only the murder

Anonymous said...

This article is shocking. Seriously trying to excuse violent criminals, just because their case presents an opportunity to attack the Iranian state. These violent thugs might seem as just "petty thieves" to Jabbar Fazeli but, it is unlikely that their victim would agree. It must be very easy to dismiss serious crimes when they happen to someone else, somewhere else.

Jabbar Fazeli is giving the impression here, that he is so blinded by hatred for the Iranian state, that he is happy to downplay and excuse even violent criminals, just to have an opportunity to attack the Iranian state.

Based on the writings here, of those people who seek to defend those violent criminals, it seems that anyone who does not agree with their "everything bad in the world is the Iranian regime's fault" opinion, is labelled as a "regime supporter/apologist". Just to be clear, I'm not a fan of Iran's government. Neither am I a fan of violent, street criminals like those armed robbers.

Anonymous said...

Not in my dreams pal but in your nightmares!

Anonymous said...

Clever dick,if they are the "thugs" then what are those cowards that are wearing balaclavas?
I doubt those balaclavas will protect those cowards from the revenge of the people.

Anonymous said...

Clever ass, you would be suprised to know that even SWAT teams all over the world, yes even in Western countries, makes use of balaclavas. The purpose has already been explained.

Anonymous said...

First of all this isn't an "Iranian" regime but an Islamic regime occupying Iranian territory.
It's very obvious you live abroad and are unaware of the dire situation in Iran which the ordinary people have to endure against.The man these petty criminals attacked is OK and wasn't harmed. Yet the regime has used these petty criminals as an example to show their power against all those who might participate in any future uprising by declaring that even carrying a cold weapon is punishable by death.
You say you are "not a fan of Iran's government"or neither a fan of "violent street criminals". But you fail to see because of your long time abroad,that most of those real street criminals are in fact the plain clothes and motorbike riding basij which have been known to abduct innocent young woman from the streets and rape them with impunity.Some of these state sponsored thugs have been known to raid jewelry stores with AK 47s rifles.Now you tell me in a police state like Iran how is it possible a gang of ten or more to brandish new AK47 rifles and get away with it?
And did you know that the IRGC is the chief importer of narcotics and bootlegged alcohol into the country as well as controlling and exporting prostitution to UAE and Qatar ?
You see how confused you are? I can't blame you for your confusion because the regime always tries to lead some naive people up the garden path and portray others as criminals and bandits.
But the truth of the matter is that the regime is the kingpin of criminality and banditry in the country.
I hope I've educated you enough to understand what types of real criminals the pretentious regime tries to portray itself as.

Anonymous said...

Yes I know SWAT teams use balaclavas.But the ones in the West face real criminals armed with guns. Not some juvenile using a knife to scare people with and no intent to use.Bottom line is the cowards are no SWAT team and are scared exposing their identity to the public.So I presume you support the use of a new amputation device made in Iran and operated by men wearing hoods?
You shouldn't be living abroad and instead should be helping your black hooded amputating pals operating those meat cutting machines.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:43 AM. The fact is, there is a regime ruling Iran, so it is, the Iranian regime.

You refer to those violent criminals as "petty criminals". Simply repeating something, does not automatically, make it true. You give the impression that you never have been a victim of a violent crime. As someone who has been a victim of a similar crime to this case and who knows other people who have been victims of other, violent crimes; I can assure you that from the victim's perspective at least, such criminals are anything but "petty thieves" or "petty criminals". They are vicious scum who prey on others. You say that the man those criminals attacked (in the English language, he would be known as a victim) "is OK and wasn't harmed", as if that somehow, makes the crime committed, any better. It does not. It is still a crime.

"You say you are "not a fan of Iran's government"or neither a fan of "violent street criminals". But you fail to see because of your long time abroad,". Don't make assumptions. I did not state where I live. A wise person once told me that "assumptions are the mother of all screw ups" (that's a more polite version of how it was actually worded). The basij and other branches of the Iranian state may also be criminals however, that still does not change the fact that those armed robbers are actually criminals. It also does not make their crime any better or more acceptable. It only means that there are two categories of criminals in Iran. The Iranian state and others, including those armed robbers. Remember an old example of wisdom, which is, two wrongs don't make a right. They only ever make two wrongs.

As with Jabbar Fazeli, you are giving the impression here, that you are so blinded by hatred for the Iranian state, that you are happy to downplay and excuse even violent criminals, just to have an opportunity to attack it. If you want to attack the state, why not just do it anyway? There is no need to try and excuse violent criminals, as a means to do it.

In fact, it is counter productive for you and others who oppose the IRI because, it will harm your credibility and play into the hands of the regime and its supporters, by allowing them to portray opponents as opportunistic and supportive of criminals. You would do well to consider all this, otherwise you will only harm the cause of opposing the Iranian regime. As I previously stated, I'm not a fan of Iran's government. If I was, I would not tell you all this.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:30 PM

This is an Islamic regime which is occupying Iranian territory.Once we understand that this regime has nothing Iranian in its soul then you know where you stand against it.

You fail to understand that what the regime did to these petty criminals was disproportionate.If the boys had killed their victim intentionally then the hanging would have been justified but behind the prison walls.
Personally the credibility of the regime is at question here.Not some individuals who rightly oppose the regime.It's the regime that has blacklisted Iran's credibility and honor in front of the world not some individuals.

B.M.A said...

-IT is indeed a capital offence in those countries!!,the good news is that they have another form of punishment as opposed to the death penalty!,-

show us any DEMOCRATIC Nation that classifies robbery with violence as a 'petty crime' .and look how you are quick to absolve the culprits !.HAVE YOU GONE THROUGH THEIR RECORDS and learned that they did not commit a felony ?.are they not members of a killer gang that have been elusive to police?, haven't they killed other victims and police in the past?-THESE SERIOUS question makes one calculate His words first before making a cheap political capital out of a crime!.

Anonymous said...

"In fact,it is counter productive for you to oppose the IRI because it will harm your credibility and play into the hands of the regime and its supporters,"

So want do you want us to do? Lie down and role over for the IRI and say thank you very much for torturing,raping,shooting and killing us?
It's absolutely mind boggling what type of nonsensical comments some people suggest to you as "advice".
The regime and its agents will do anything to put you off track! That includes "friendly advice" like anon 7:30 pm.

Another quote by Anon 7:30 pm
"I'm not a fan of Iran's government.If I was,I would not tell you all this."

Classic case of a LIAR.A person who pretends he is not a supporter of the regime yet advices people don't oppose the regime and then tells you if he was a supporter then he "would not be telling you all this."

And the biggest give away is Anon 7:30 supports the hangings of these boys despite him "not being a fan of Iran's government."

Nice try Anon 7:30 PM!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:11 PM. I'm not denying that the death sentence for these criminals is disproportionate. I do not agree with the use of death sentences, ever. What many are failing to realise, is that opposing a death sentence does not mean that you should seek to defend and excuse the crime that the guilty have committed. The crime still happened and is still a crime.

If you are against the death sentence, then just say so. That does not mean that you have to excuse the criminals in this case. Why not just be honest about it? Personally, I oppose the death sentence and the criminals. I would prefer to see them given serious prison sentences.

The fact that the anti-IRI commenters here are trying to downplay and excuse the criminals and their crime in this case, makes me wonder if they are genuine in their comments. You use words like "petty criminals" and "petty crime" when this clearly, was anything but "petty". You write as if you don't care about the crime committed, the criminals or even their victim.

I get the impression here, that you are so blinded by hatred for the Iranian state, that you are only concerned with exploiting this crime as an opportunity to attack the Iranian state.

Anonymous said...

which countries make it a capital crime, BSA?

robbery is not a petty crime nor a capital one in the civilized world. it's a felony.

stop spewing your calculated, but childish, litany of "invented" facts.

Anonymous said...

the masking of executioners is a very old practice and in part is done to signify that the identity of the executioner is not significant as he is acting not for himself but for the regime.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:11 PM. I agree, the sentence was disproportionate. That is because I don't agree with the use of death sentences, at all. That considered, it does not change what the criminals have done. It is still a crime and they are still guilty.

The issue here is the sentence. Not their guilt. Those criminals should receive long prison sentences, instead.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:23 PM....Iran's "hard earned" money is stolen by the Islamist regime to fill up their fat bank balances with.Then the remaining is given to their terrorist friends.These people have become "basket cases" because of 34 years of oppressive terrorizing rule by Akhoonds,the real "basket cases".

Anonymous said...

I agree that the sentence was disproportionate. That is because I oppose the use of sentences, completely. That does not change the fact that those people are still criminals. They should have been given long prison sentences, instead.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous January 25, 2013 at 9:11 PM. I agree that the sentence was disproportionate. That is because I do not agree with the use of death sentences, ever. That does not change the fact that those people committed a crime.

They should have been given long prison sentences, instead.