Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sacred Defense Parade 2015 - Tehran

Iran media imagery of the Sacred Defense Parade held in Tehran on 22SEP15, commemorating the onset of the Iran-Iraq War that took place 35 years ago.

IRGC-ASF Ghadr-H ("Intensity-H) medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM), using TEL variant with canted trailer mounting arm and four rearward compartments.

IRGC-ASF Ghadr-H ("Intensity-H) medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM), using TEL variant with straight trailer mounting arm and three rearward compartments.

IRGC-N Khalij Fars (“Persian Gulf”) anti-ship ballistic missile on launch control vehicle

IRGC-N Qader ("Able") / Noor ("Light") coastal defense cruise missile (CDCM) launcher vehicle

Zelzal-1 ("Earthquake-1")  heavy artillery rocket using launcher vehicle based on Mercedes-Benz 2631 Actros series platform.

NEZAJA Naze'at 10-H artillery rocket using using launcher vehicle based on Mercedes-Benz 2624 platform

IRGC-ASF 3rd Khordad ("Third of Khordad") TELAR equipped with Taer-2 ("Bird") type missiles

Note: The Third of Khordad refers to the date Khorramshar was liberated from Baathist-Iraqi military occupation during the Iran-Iraq War.

IRGC-ASF Tabas TELAR with Taer-2 ("Bird") type missiles

Note: Tabas is the historical site and Iranian military operation ("amaliat tabas") against the failed Operation Eagle Claw rescue mission of 1980.

IRIADF 5Yu24M transporter/transloader carrying an S-200VE/SA-5 Gammon 5V28 round

IRIADF 5T53M type transport containers, 5V28 type missile of S-200 type SAM system

IRGC Kupol 9K331M1 TLAR, Tor M1 (NATO: SA-15C Gauntlet) self-propelled surface-to-air missile (SAM) system

IRIADF Mersad ("Ambush") air defense system Ghader self-propelled SAM vehicle on Mercedes-Benz 2624 6x6 truck platform, with three Shahin ("Hawk") or Shalamche missiles.

Note: the town of Shalamche was one of the main sites of invasion into Iran during the Baathist-Iraqi launching of Iran-Iraq War.

IRIADF Mersad ("Ambush") air defense system Shalamche missiles and M192 type launcher, transported on Mercedes-Benz 2624 6x6 truck platform.

IRIADF MIM-23 HAWK type surface-to-air missile transport canisters

IRIADF Rapier surface-to-air missile system towed launcher

IRIADF Sepehr tactical vehicle equipped with top-mounted ZU-23-2 "Sergey" 23 mm anti- aircraft twin-barreled autocannon

IRGC-GF T-72S main battle tank, of a type recently provided to Iraq military forces in the war against ISIL

NEZAJA FV4204 Chieftain Mk 5 ARV Armored Recovery Vehicle

NEZAJA FV4205 Chieftain Mk 5 AVLB Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge

NEZAJA Fajr-5 ("Dawn-5") artillery rocket launcher vehicle based on Mercedes-Benz 2624 6x6 truck platform

IRGC-N Kashdom IV class inshore patrol craft fitted with AShM box launchers

IRGC-N FB RIB-33 inshore patrol craft (PBF) fitted with 107 mm MLR

IRGC-N catamaran craft inshore patrol boat (PBF)

IRGC-N Aviation HESA Bavar 2 ("Belief 2") ground effect vehicle, serial SN-3115

IRIAF Qassed ("Messenger") type electro-optically guided 2000 lb bomb

IRIAF "Cruise Missile" land attack cruise missile (LACM)

Nasr AGM variant and Fakur-90 AAM

IRIAF Asre-67 air-to-ground missile

NEZAJA special ground forces equipped with Misagh ("Covenant") type MANPADS, aboard Banihashem ATV 500s

NEZAJA special ground forces equipped with 9M113 Konkurs (“Contest”) anti-tank guided missile systems

NEZAJA Toyota Land Cruiser (J70) fitted with Moharram 6-barrel 12.7 mm Gatling-type machine gun

Arab-Iranian Tribal Basij members from Khuzestan province

Baluch-Iranian Tribal Basij members from Sistan and Baluchistan province

Qashqai-Iranian Tribal Basij members from southern or central Iran

Front row, left to right: Major General Ataollah Salehi, Major General Seyed Hassan Firuzabadi, President Hassan Rouhani, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, Brigadier General Hossein Dehghan and Brigadier General Hossein Ashtari.

Foreign military observers present at Sacred Defense Parade 2015 in Tehran


Photos: Islamic Republic News Agency, Majid Haghdoust and Hossein Razaqnejad at Mehr News Agency, Meghdad Madadi at Tasnim News Agency, Mohammad Hossein Velayati at Fars News Agency


Anonymous said...

Iran desperately needs new weapons, SU-30/35, T-90 or better and BTR. Navy needs more heavier frigates and SSM destroyers and helicopter carriers. Rush to Russia before the window closes. The assorted junk above does not cut mustard any more as the antique planes don't fly anymore.

Anonymous said...

The main problem with Iranian missiles is low yield of explosive in payload, either it is of 2000 lbs or otherwise. Industry lagging far behind of standard high yield explosives as used by US, Israel. Lots of R&D is required. Rizvi/India

Anonymous said...

Dilapidated, old, useless junk displayed for internal consumption. It's truly laughable how these mullahs and their henchmen (the Sepah) think they are a match to anyone. Are these the achievements of the "great Islamic civilization" that Khomienie ushered in? How do these people spend their oil wealth? These are embarrassing contraptions which are testament to a failed system and a failed revolution.

Anonymous said...

They need to display bigger pictures next time.

Anonymous said...

At least they should paint the civilian Volvo and Mercedes trucks in military colors or they would be recalled in the VW diesel engine fraud probe and then nothing left. The incompetent buffoons have not even figured out how paint the new digital Asia minor camouflage on military vehicles. Orange trucks are like sitting advertisement for please "come and bomb me".

Anonymous said...

Iranian ruling clerics seemingly can't get enough of displaying near obsolete military junk in these parades year after year . Perhaps they think of military hardware in the same vain as Persian rugs : as the carpet ages , its value only goes up .

Anonymous said...

This is the best that a third rate shambolic system of governance can produce.They just do this to embarrass Iran's dignity.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,we should be more like the gulf states and saudi and spend tens of billions on weapons we dont need and cant use,I mean its worked out so well for the saudis and co in yemen,right?

Anonymous said...

Yes it has in fact. So much so that Saudis can beat Houthis' ass and not a beep out of their supporters in Tehran. I wonder why that is?! Oh wait that's because Iran is no match for the Saudis.

Anonymous said...

The saudis and co have been fighting the houthis for over 6 months and are still very,very far from beating the houthis ass,and why should iran do or say anything?,the saudi performance in yemen is an utter humiliating debacle much to the delight of iran who I`m sure is more than happy to see the saudis continue to embarrass themselves militarily for as long as it lasts.Tthe saudis despite squandering billions on weapons cannot even defeat the poorest nation in the region and thats with the help of the us and the gulf states,also if saudi is so all powerful why then was it always urging the us to attack iran instead of just doing the job itself?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure where you are getting your facts from but the last time I checked the Yemeni government in exile was back in Mana, the Houthis were on the run and SA was holding and managing a coalition of Gulf states to fight and defeat the Houthis. I would call that success.

Anonymous said...

I guess you`re a glass half full kind of person then,to my mind if you have the sort of military force,at least on paper,that the saudis and co have you shouldnt need 6 months to recapture just a part of yemen you should have recaptured all of it in far less time than that,oh and last time I looked the houthis were raiding well into saudi itself and capturing and destroying military positions and towns inside saudi so they dont appear to be on the run from anyone,also one wonders just how well the saudis would be "managing" their "coalition" without the us supplying most of the logistics.The saudis have squandered billions and there is still no end in sight.The richest countries in the region with the supposedly strongest military have yet to defeat the poorest country in the region after 6 months,now if that alone isnt a humiliation then I dont know what is.

Anonymous said...

This is not a half empty-half full kind of situation though. As to your claim of Saudis' incompetence and squandering of wealth: I don't live in SA nor do I follow much news about them, but if you would like to raise corruption, plenty of corruption and squandering is going on in the Islamic Utopia of Iran, wouldn't you agree? At least Saudis can show a state-of-the-art military after spending all that money. What does the mullah regime has to show for: state of the art religion and mosques?! I would call that an utter failure. But then again my definition of success/failure may be quite different from yours.