Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Austrian president in Tehran, eager for economic ties with Iran

Austrian President Heinz Fischer arrives at Mehrabad International Airport in Tehran on the afternoon of 07SEP15. Flight details provided below (source: Flightradar24):
Austrian President Fischer and his delegation flew to Tehran aboard chartered Austrian Airlines Airbus A320-214, reg. OE-LBO (cn 776).

This particular Airbus aircraft named "Pyhrn-Eisenwurzen" for the region in the Alps of southern Upper Austria.

A 240-member delegation accompanying President Fischer, seeking economic ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran following the signing of JCPOA and the prospect of sanctions being rescinded.

Austrian President Heinz Fischer accompanied by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, for review of the Artesh honor guard.

Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, on 08SEP15 at the Sa'dabad Palace in Iran.

Speaking from Tehran, according to Reuters:
The West should involve Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the fight against Islamic State, Austria's foreign minister said on Tuesday, breaking with the view of most Western powers that say Assad is the source of the problem.
Sebastian Kurz's comments, during a state visit to Iran, reflect what some European diplomats have said privately for months, but they also expose a divide among Western countries on how to deal with Assad and the rise of hardline fighters four years into a war that has killed a quarter of a million and driven 11 million from their homes.
According to PressTV:
"We need a pragmatic common approach in this respect including the involvement of Assad in the fight against ISIL," said Austria's Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz on Tuesday during a state visit to Tehran.
"In my opinion the priority is the fight against terror. This will not be possible without powers such as Russia and Iran," noted Kurz.
Austrian Federal Minister of Science, Research and Economy Reinhold Mitterlehner with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, on 08SEP15 at the Sa'dabad Palace in Iran.

Austria's Federal Minister of Science, Research and Economy Reinhold Mitterlehner is among the delegation in Tehran, engaged in talks for drafting the 2020 cooperation plan which covers areas such as energy, industries, transportation, science, and culture. [source: Trend]

According to Reuters:
Austrian companies signed a series of deals with Iranian partners on Tuesday, becoming the first Western firms to put down concrete stakes in the Islamic Republic since it reached a landmark nuclear deal with big powers in July.
Austrian businesses in industries including car parts, information technology and engineering sealed agreements worth 80 million euros ($89 million) at an economic forum in Tehran, Austrian Chamber of Commerce chief Christoph Leitl said.
[T]he partly state-owned Austrian energy group OMV was… making contacts as part of the delegation.
The WKO's Leitl said seven more Austrian trade missions to Iran were scheduled for the second half of the year.
Austrian Federal Minister of Science, Research and Economy Reinhold Mitterlehner speaking before the Iranian Parliament, on 08SEP15 in Tehran. To Mitterlehner's left is Christoph Leitl, president of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (Wirtschaftskammer Österreich - WKO).

Note the Iranian Parliament slogan for the event: "Advantage Austria, Iran: Unparalleled Potential".

Austrian President Heinz Fischer with Major General Gregor Keller, Military Adjutant of the Austrian President, on 08SEP15 at the Iranian Parliament building.

Austrian President Heinz Fischer with Sadeq Ardeshir Amoli Larijani, Chief Justice of Iran on 08SEP15 in Tehran

Austrian President Heinz Fischer with Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, on 08SEP15 in Tehran.

It is rare for a Western head of state to be received by Khamenei.

According to PressTV:
During the meeting [with Khamenei], which was also attended by Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani, the Austrian president assessed as good his negotiations with Iranian officials.
Fischer said the two countries should hold more dialogue on the issues of mutual interest to finalize agreements.
The Austrian president added that he had held good talks with the Iranian president and expressed optimism about the prospect of mutual relations between Tehran and Vienna.
First Lady of Austria Margit Fischer among the delegation, seen here touring the Carpet Museum of Tehran

Photos: Islamic Republic News Agency and Meghdad Madadi at Tasnim News Agency


Anonymous said...

Lets not get too excited about all this.As long as akhoonds are in power with their IRGC mafia to boot nothing will return to normalcy in Iran.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the photos above , it's fairly safe to assume that Austrians are no fan of "snap back sanction provisions " .

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes sanctions will come back or snap back is living in a make belief world. It's too late now.

Russia and China to start with will not abide by any sanctions provisions, no matter what. These other smaller players like Spain, Austria, Germany and few others too will not abide by sanctions anymore.

The premise of these bogus nuke negotiations from day dot has been to somehow stem the falling apart of the existing sanctions regime. It is hilarious that Iran played all along with this charade.

Mark Pyruz said...

The Austrian president and members of his delegation flew to Isfahan to see the historic sites: