Friday, September 11, 2015

Mexico’s secretary of labor in Tehran

Mexican Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare Alfonso Navarrete Prida with Iranian Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Minister Ali Rabiei.

According to Tehran Times:
Iranian Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare Minister Ali Rabiei and Mexican Secretary of Labor and social Welfare Alfonso Navarrete Prida signed a memorandum of understanding on labor cooperation in Tehran on September 7.
The agreement includes cooperation and exchange of experiences in job health and safety, employment, social welfare and empowerment of disabled people, in addition to technical and occupational training, the Mehr News Agency reported on Tuesday.
COMMENTARY: Earlier on 15JUN15 during a meeting in Tehran with Iranian Majlis Foreign Policy and National Security Committee Chairman Alaeddin Boroujerdi,  the chair of the Foreign Affairs Commission of the Senate of the Republic of Mexico Gabriela Cuevas Barron stated that Mexican corporations are ready to enter the Iranian market.

It appears that following implementation of JCPOA and the rescinding of sanctions, Iran's economic ties with Latin American countries are potentially set to expand in new directions, perhaps as far north as America's immediate neighbor to the south.

Photo: Seyed Masoud Tofighi at Fars News Agency


Mark Pyruz said...

Mexico sent a military contingent to march in China's parade honoring the 70th Anniversary of Victory in World War II. Their troops marched in dress uniforms that appear historic in style. They might have been the best looking troops at the parade.

Anonymous said...

Mexico is a developing country with serious economic potential .It's safe to assume that Mexico will far outpace Iran when it comes to social and economical development .It's for Iran and other Middle Eastern countries to ponder why they lag so badly behind every major developing societies .However not all hope is lost for Iran ; It will enjoy a commanding lead in foreseeable future in social development over the recently discovered Amazonian tribes .

Anonymous said...

Expanding bilateral relations through investment ,trade,tourism and cultural exchanges between Iran and Mexico or Latin American countries is indeed a very welcome sign especially if it comes at the expense of that crazy revolutionary Venezuelan potente .