Friday, March 20, 2015

Iranian New Year 1394: Happy New Year!

Iranian New Year 1394, Nouruz also transliterated as Nowruz, begins at 0215 on Saturday in Iran (1845 EST and 2245 GMT on Friday). Happy New Year! And may your Nouruz be the start of a year full of happiness and joy, for you and yours!

Photo: Haft-Seen (Seven S’s) are seven items started with ‘S’ in Persian, rooted in Zoroastrian traditions and each symbolizing an aspect of good life in the new day, and used in table setting of Nouruz celebration.

1. Sabzeh; wheat or barley sprouts, symbolizing rebirth.
2. Somaq; sumac, symbolizing sunrise.
3. Seer; garlic, symbolizing good health.
4. Seeb; apple, symbolizing beauty.
5. Senjed; oleaster fruit, symbolizing love.
6. Samanu; sweet pudding made of wheat, symbolizing success.
7. Serkeh; vinegar, symbolizing patience.


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Happy New Year !

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happy new year, specially to the blog owner عید شما مبارک