Thursday, March 26, 2015

Egyptian Navy and Iran Navy vessels at Gulf of Aden

There are unverified reports of the Egyptian Navy firing warning shots at Iranian warships near Bab el-Mandab Strait, during Operation Decisive Storm.

Furthermore, according to the Daily Star:
Four Egyptian naval vessels have crossed the Suez Canal en route to Yemen to secure the Gulf of Aden, maritime sources at the Suez Canal said Thursday.
The sources said they expected the vessels to reach the Red Sea by Thursday evening.
Meanwhile, just prior to the onset of Operation Decisive Storm, Iranian media reported Iran Navy warships engaged in anti-piracy operations in the Bab el-Mandeb Strait. From Press TV:
Iranian naval forces have successfully saved an Iranian-owned oil tanker from pirates in the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, which connects the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden.
The Iranian tanker came under attack on Wednesday morning after 32 armed people on board four speedboats and a fishing barge laid siege to the ship.
The Iranian Navy vessels patrolling the area rushed to assist the vessel upon its distress call.
COMMENTARY: The Saudi-led coalition engaging in Operation Decisive Storm is establishing a naval blockade of Yemen.

Iran Navy vessels are reported to be operating near Bab el-Mandab Strait. A typical Iran Navy "Fleet" operating at the Gulf of Aden comprises a frigate or corvette, and a logistics vessel. At least one vessel in such a fleet equipped with helipad.

There appears opportunity for a naval encounter between Saudi-led coalition forces, and Iran Navy vessels operating in waters near the conflict in Yemen.

Previous Iran Navy 32nd Fleet operating at Gulf of Aden, comprising:
- IRINS Jamaran (76) Moudge class guided missile frigate (FFGH)
- IRINS Bushehr (422) Bandar Abbas class replenishment ship (AORLH)

File photo: Islamic Republic News Agency


Anonymous said...

akhoond rust buckets will become artificial coral reefs if they as much as look the wrong way....!

Anonymous said...

you don't say!!

Anonymous said...

Far from wishing an actual flare-up between the aforementioned forces I have no love for, I wonder what would happen to Egyptian vessels hit by brand-new derivatives of proven Chinese-made C-802s/803s that Iran has been making, upgrading and testing continuously over the years. Let's ask the crew of Israeli INS-Hanit about about coral reefs when hit by an early production variant in 2006, which was several generations away from what DIO produces now with the Ghadir.

Anonymous said...

The IRIN ships are lightly armed when compared to the Egyption frigates.

Anonymous said...

Egypt may send ground forces into Yemen to uproot the Houthis and send them out of Sanaa

Unknown said...

Spokesman for the military operation by Saudi Arabia just announced: We won't allow reinforcements to reach Houthis before the operation (Decisive Storm) is over.


Anonymous said...

It is important to ensure Iran has operated in these waters for a time now since the piracy problem occured. Iranian vessels are not suppose to stimulate any foreign vessel into conflict, having said that if they are enforced into any difficult situation they are ordered to decisively neutralize the source of threat and thereby save themselves. If this means going away, they will do that, if this mean engaging fully in the conflict they will do that as well. Iran subs are already circulating in the region. Iran has also an agreement with Chinese navy regarding mutual support in case of emergency or unexpected adversary. This means if Iranian navy ships are attacked by any force other than Yemeinis in International waters or Yemeni waters, Iran navy will call for help...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the new Fateh class submarine is operational?

Anonymous said...

there's only one of them

Anonymous said...

You don't want to try that because it will be costly for Iran losing 12 of its ships in one battle and you can't even see the Egyptian vessels over the horizon and wonder where the hit came from. You do Not want to mess with the Egyptian Navy... Trust Me. Better stay away from Bab El Mandab.