Saturday, March 28, 2015

Arab Summit Approves Joint rapid Response Military Force - UPDATE

Arab Leaders Adopted Initiative Amid Saudi-led Coalition Attack in Yemen
UPDATE:The Arab summit on Sunday adopted the resolution to form a joint rapid response military command. The force would be used to counter security threats. Historic moment for the Arab World. 


The Arab foreign ministers meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh before Sunday’s summit of the heads of states of the 22-member Arab League unanimously approved the text of a proposal to establish a joint Arab rapid response military command. The leaders are expected to adopt the proposal on Sunday.

“This is the first time in our history that a joint Arab military force will be created and work under the name of Arab states,” said Nabil al-Arabi, the general secretary of the Arab League. (AFP, 29 March)

The creation of a joint Arab force has come to the fore amid Saudi-led coalition airstrikes in Yemen. King Salman of Saudi Arabia told the gathering that the military intervention led by his country against Shia rebels in Yemen will continue until it brings security to the country. Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim said the Huthi militias should disarm and recognize the legitimacy of Yemen’s President Hadi.

Photo credit: King Salman of Saudi Arabia addressing the Arab League summit in Sharm el-Shaikh, Egypt; 28 March 2015 (Al Arabiya)


Nader Uskowi said...

We were not able to publish a number of comments sent recently to be posted here for their overt racist nature. This blog is not a place for expressing hatred toward the Arabs, the Iranians or any other race or nationality. Any political discussion on the issues facing the region, regardless of the author’s viewpoints, is of course welcome, as always.

Anonymous said...

GCC and its alliance is goodthing, Iran wasted much of its time for accusing US, EU ,Israel and persian gulf countries instead of developing relations. Iran puts its most of its energy for evolving its proxies in different countries at the expanse of its own people economic severe plung.After saudi strike in Yemen, again shown Iran incompetence to handle the situation on the ground after Bahrin. Merely showcasing some unverifiable military achievements, Iran can no longer pressurize arab countries at least for now. Its time for self evaluation for Iran leader Khamenai, government & IRGC why the call for Phlestanine when fellow arab are deep rooted hate for Shia Iran, why call for destruction of Israel when there is no war on record of history with Iran etc. Now Iran should make priority of national interest as a Shia nation on the top as no muslim country irrespective arab or non arab is with u, now time for taking smart decision to get alliance with Israel and US irrespective the past anonymity. Rizvi/India

Anonymous said...

Arab countries are the real enemies of Iran zamin.The regime is to dumb to see that. In the future Israel should be the allie of Iran. Let the arabs care for the palestinians and we care for Iran zamin.

Anonymous said...

sweet dreams... its too little too late... arab countries and isreal have allied against akhoond regime...punishment is around the corner for akhoond regime for subversion on other countries territorys...