Wednesday, March 5, 2014

IRGC-ASF takes mass delivery of latest Iranian ballistic missile types

According to MODAFL and Iranian media sources, in a ceremony attended by Iranian Minister of Defense IRGC Brigadier General Dehgan, the IRGC-ASF has accepted mass delivery of Ghadr-H MRBMs and Qiam SRBMs (claimed capable of MRV payloads), as well as Fateh-110-D SRBMs and Khalij Fars ASBMs.

There can be no doubt that this publicized delivery, in addition to the defense-related publicity last week involving no less than President Rouhani, is a direct response to U.S. inclusion of ballistic missiles in the ongoing nuclear talks. Iranian officials have publicly pushed back on this inclusion, as is further evident with this latest publicity.

In addition to ballistic missiles, the Iranians are also claiming a mass delivery to IRIADF of Mersad air defense systems.

Numbers of IRGC-ASF Ghadr-H MRBMs

Numbers of Ghadr-H MRBMs with Qiam SRBMs visible in back

Detail of IRGC-ASF Ghadr-H MRBM claimed capable of MRV payloads

Assumed to be Qiam SRBMs claimed capable of MRV payloads

Another structure stocked with IRGC-ASF ballistic missiles

Over twenty ballistic missiles apparent in this view

Examples of Fateh-110-D SRBM and Khalij Fars ASBM

Detail of Fateh-110-D SRBM

Fateh-110-D SRBM sections

Fateh-110-D SRBM sections with serials

Minister of Defense IRGC Brigadier General Dehgan as seen at delivery ceremony

Claimed mass delivery to IRIADF Khatam al-Anbiya Air Defense Base of Mersad air defense systems. Above: upgraded MIM-23B I-HAWK type surface-to-air missiles.

Mersad air defense system's Kavosh pulse acquisition radar (upgraded AN/MPQ-50)

Mersad air defense system's Jouiya continuous wave acquisition radar

Photos: MODAFL


Farzam said...

On the fifth pic i have counted 11 rows which make it: 11x4=44 missiles

Basrawi (former Iraqi Air Force fighter pilot) said...

Impressive developments have indeed taken place!

Congratulations on their achievements.

Anonymous said...

what is your point?

Anonymous said...

if nothing changes in the next six months iran will be taking delivery of some far more advanced missiles made in the
West.... and Iran will be very unhappy about it.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousMarch 5, 2014 at 6:30 PM
Yeah,sure they will>rolls eyes<
Actually in the incredibly unlikely event that actually happened,then I would imagine that the americans in their various bases in the persian gulf and beyond would find themselves very suddenly taking "express delivery" of most of the weapons we see here,and I for one would not want to be on the receiving end of that little "care package"

Farzam said...

On the sixth photo(which is of the same facility) Mark written that there over twenty missile, but in reality there are over 40 missiles

Farzam said...

Americans have been saying this for the last decade or so, you will never attack Iran

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:44 PM

Ha Ha Ha! It won't be only your eyes that wil be rolling after the counter strike by the US.

Anonymous said...

Well in this case let's just wait all together for another 10 years with you dreaming on it... for it not to materialize any more than it has so far once we're in 2024 :-)

But keep on warning us about an upcoming strike, it never fails to make my day on this blog.