Monday, October 19, 2015

NEZAJA ‘Moharram’ rapid reaction force exercise- Phase I

Iran media imagery of NEZAJA rapid reaction force participating in Moharram maneuvers, taking place 18OCT15 at Kermanshah and Ilam provinces:

NEZAJA BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles with deployed mechanized infantry rapid reaction force

NEZAJA mechanized infantry equipped with G3-A4 battle rifles, before BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles (command variant, far right).

On the move, NEZAJA BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle command variant

Turret and main armament detail of NEZAJA BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle command variant

NEZAJA mechanized infantry inside and atop BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles

NEZAJA mechanized infantry disembarking from BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle

NEZAJA mechnized infantry corporals equipped with Iran license-built G3-A4 battle rifles

NEZAJA Deputy Commander Brig. Gen. Kiomars Heydari (R2), among BG2 with 65th Airborne Brigade patch (R1), IRIAF colonel (L3) and officers from NEZAJA rapid reaction force.

NEZAJA Deputy Commander Brig. Gen. Kiomars Heydari (R2) among officers participating in Moharam rapid reaction force exercise, phase I.

IRIAA Brigadier General 2C Kioumars Ahadi (center), former IRIAA commander, among officers participating Moharam rapid reaction force exercise, phase I.

Left: NEZAJA vehicle fitted with DIO Mesbah-1 (8x30 mm) anti-aircraft system
Right: NEZAJA Kaveh 30 mm belt-fed automatic grenade launcher

NEZAJA lieutenant and first sergeant loading Kaveh 30 mm belt-fed automatic grenade launcher

Detail of belt fitted with training rounds for Kaveh automatic grenade launcher

Transported NEZAJA BTR-60 type armored personnel carrier

NEZAJA Safir ("Ambassador") tactical vehicle fitted with BGM-71 TOW type ATGM

Right: NEZAJA Safir ("Ambassador") tactical vehicle fitted with 107 mm MLR

NEZAJA second sergeant manning vehicle-mounted DShKM type heavy machine gun

Iran military-attached clerics beside NEZAJA captain

NEZAJA Commander Brig. Gen. Ahmad Reza Pourdastan shaking hands with enlisted ranks, before a KrAZ 6322 heavy utility truck.


Photos: Islamic Republic News Agency


Anonymous said...

lack of personal armor kevlar

Anonymous said...

why the have still these clumsy old G3 rifle.
simple AK47 is much better

Anonymous said...

Still using WW2 tin pot helmets that can't stop a BB gun. Iran needs to get some Russian helmets and kevlar. Russians have over 1500 troops in Syria and not a single casualty despite very aggressive posture, especially by the superb Hind Mi-24 pilots, who hover over battlefield at 200 feet like hornets.

Anonymous said...

Just terrible. What have they done to the Iranian army?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is the mesbah-1 manually operated or is it automated? The lack of automation in Iranian point defense systems would have me worried if I were them..

Anonymous said...

G3 A4
weight 4,7 kg
caliber = 7,62
magazine= 20 bulltes

AK 47
weight 3,47 kg
calibre 7,62
Magazine = 30 bulltes

Anonymous said...

G3A4 has lower recoil thanks in part to its heavier weight and it has better accuracy and its bullet does more damage as well.

Anonymous said...

It is beyond sad, the plight of the once exceptionally well trained and superbly armed Artesh. This is also very dangerous in a region where only power is respected, no wonder the Arabs kill Iranians at will in Syria and Saudi Arabia. The mullahs are ignorant, uneducated bunch of thugs who think that bombast and idle boasts are going to keep Iran safe. First, they sold out the nuclear program for nothing in return and then ignored effective re-armament of the military which is stuck in the Shah's era weaponry time warp. Iran's military today is less effective than Afghanistan.

Anonymous said...

It,s automated ,just watch the video clip

interested party said...

The 1500 Russian troops are at the airbase in Latakia. Not even within artillery range of rebel forces. Not sure it is their Kevlar body armour and helmets keeping the Russians alive just yet. These are training pictures. And I'm convinced there's always a little psych-ops going on with Iranian photo releases. For what its worth, I'll guess London Boy, an old ww2 tin pot saved many a life. I've seen it in Croatia 91. Perfect sniper shot would have ended it for my colleague, but for a bit if old tin. Bullet raced around the inside of his helmet and through his shoulder instead of his cranium. Train in heavy tin. Be emboldened with light kevlar when you are ready. I hope you meet a chopper pilot one day!

Anonymous said...

During the Iran/Iraq ,G3 rifles were ten times more susceptible to jam/malfunction than A47s .I guess the Iranian forces didn't now how or just didn't care enough to properly maintain their G3s .

Anonymous said...

Where do you get the idea that it is not trained adequately or lack equipment form the given pictures? I have no problem lashing out at the regime! I do it myself very often but the pictures don't show what you claim! and you have no information form the units at all.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 8:00 PM on this.The mullahs wasted billions on nuclear program for them to just give it up for nothing.Meanwhile the Artesh is under funded in both equipment and personal.The officer core is starting to look like just another bunch of Akhoonds who kowtow towards a ideological regime than a country.It's all smoke and mirrors.

Unknown said...

I think your comment contains ten times the bullshit of most comments here. Where do you get your ten times figure from?

Anonymous said...

Dear Abolfasr
Try back issues of Jane's Defence Intelligence .Just to make it easy for yourself , try to name a single successful Iranian offensive using G3 during that war.However if I offended your sensibilities , I do apologize. However if you own AK47 stocks , well good luck with that .

Anonymous said...

I guess ten times less reliable is just a hyperbole