Monday, October 19, 2015

IRINS Damavand sets out for Astarakhan and Baku

Departure of IRINS Damavand (77) Moudge class frigate

According to Tasnim News Agency:
Iran’s homegrown destroyer Damavand, accompanied by two missile-launching frigates, left the country’s northern waters on Sunday for an overseas mission to Russia and the Republic of Azerbaijan.
The Iranian fleet departed from the country’s Caspian port city of Bandar Anzali on Sunday morning. Its itinerary includes a port call at Astrakhan, a city in southern European Russia.
The Iranian naval fleet, which also includes Peykan and Joshan frigates, is scheduled to dock at Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, on its way back home. A total of 200 Navy servicemen are aboard the fleet in this mission, which is planned to last 14 days.
The purpose of the mission is to have an exchange of experiences, boost preparedness, and respond to a recent visit to Iran of a Russian naval fleet as part of routine naval interactions, Iran’s Navy said.
COMMENTARY: This is the first excursion of IRINS with foreign Port of Calls. The two ships joining in the foreign tour are:

- IRINS Paykan (P224) Sina class patrol missile boat
- IRINS Joshan (P225) Sina class patrol missile boat

Paykan and Joshan previously visited Astarakhan, Russia in 2013. Damavand officially joined IRIN on 09MAR15.

Bow section of IRINS Damavand with view of IRIN Naval Jack

Koran departure ceremony for IRIN petty officers first class

Koran departure ceremony for IRIN (possibly CAPT Bagheri). In the background is RDML2 Rezaei-Hadad, Commander of 4th Naval Region - Bandar Anzali.

Detail of Fajr-27 (OTO Melara) 76 mm naval gun

Detail of emblem for IRINS Damavand frigate, located on ship's funnel

Detail of ship's placard for IRINS Damavand frigate

Midship section of IRINS Damavand frigate, including view of phased-array radar and AShCM launchers

Detail of midship section of IRINS Damavand frigate

Helicopter deck of IRINS Damavand frigate, with view of Haraz tugboat

Anzali tugboat assisting IRINS Damavand frigate

Anzali and unidentified tugboat from Nowshahr assisting IRINS Damavand frigate

Photos: M. Mohammadi at Islamic Republic News Agency


Anonymous said...

Russian ships were allowed to enter Iranian waters in the caspian sea so that they could fire their cruise missiles towards another country.Where was the Iranian navy to prevent this from happening? Or as expected are the mullahs the sellouts they have always been?

Anonymous said...

Uhhh... why would Iran NOT allow Russian ships to fire cruise missiles against Syrian rebels from Iranian territory? Why would the Iranian navy try to prevent it? You're talking as if Iran was against such actions.

Anonymous said...

They allowed a foreign power like Russia to use Iran's waters to fire their cruise missiles from.If Russia wants to fire missiles from their ships then they can use the mediterranean sea.Some of these missiles crash landed on Iranian territory.Lucky no one was hurt.

Anonymous said...

Anon 0928
That,s some pecuilar logic you are using . I guess you totally missed the point that Iran amd Russia are on the same side of this conflict .Silly arguements as such only helpds the takfiri terrorists.