Friday, October 9, 2015

Vice President Ebtekar travels to Kerman on Mahan Air A306

Iranian Vice President and Minister of Environment Masoumeh Ebtekar arrives at Kerman Airport (KER), having flown Mahan Air Airbus A300B4-603, reg. EP-MNG (cn 401). Flight details of what appears to be a regularly scheduled commercial flight provided below (source Flightradar24):
Vice President Masoumeh Ebtekar received at KER by Ali-Reza Razm-Hosseini (foreground, left), the governor general of Kerman province.

Ebetkar's trip focused on Jazmurian wetland restoration, water management and labor issues, and a meeting with Environmental Watch officials.

Ebtekar and Razm-Hosseini at a "green belt" construction site, "aimed at combating speculation, prevent the entry of dust and increase the per capita green area of ​​Kerman." The program was initiated during the last year (Persian calendar). Employing drip irrigation method, this belt includes trees such as barberry and oleander, olive, cypress, pine, and bitter jujube. [source: Mehr News Agency]

Pine tree planting directed by Vice President Ebtekar. To her right is Kerman Mayor Abolghasem Seyfollahi.

Protectors of Iran's biodiversity, Iranian Department of Environment (DoE) Game Guards stand at attention for Vice President and Minister of Environment Masoumeh Ebtekar.

Vice President Ebtekar lays flowers at what appear to be graves of fallen DoE Game Guards, killed on duty defending Iran's biodiversity. (For additional reading on DoE Game Guards, click HERE)

Ebtekar is known to Americans as "Tehran Mary," serving as spokesperson for the students in the Iran hostage crisis of 1979, where Iranian students occupied the US Embassy and held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days.

Photos: Islamic Republic News Agency


Anonymous said...

It's not customary for any government to announce flight and aircraft information of its traveling officials .

Anonymous said...

She certainly remainds me of our kolfat khanoom we used to employ.She was such a good lady.

Mark Pyruz said...

If this is in reference to type of flight, the notation was intended to distinguish between a charter flight and regularly scheduled commercial flight.

Mark Pyruz said...

My grandmother also had a beloved kolfat. She was wonderful and my grandmother treated her with respect and kindness.

I think the key to the reminder is the chador. It's interesting the green and blue print included in the vice president's attire associates with her dual posting as Minister of the Environment.

Anonymous said...

Why are you so obsessed with Mahan Air?

Anonymous said...

why is this important and better yet, who cares?