Tuesday, October 13, 2015

IRGC-QF Commander Soleimani and Allied arab fighting forces during Syrian offensive

Social media imagery of Iranian IRGC-QF Commander Soleimani and allied arab fighting forces, participating in Russia-supported Syrian offensive against Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda aligned armed groups and ISIL:

IRGG-QF Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani addressing Lebanese Hezbollah troops at Latakia Governate Syria, participants in the Russian-supported Syrian offensive against Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda aligned armed groups and ISIL.

It has been suggested the location of Syria for Soleimani's whereabouts during the recent funerals in Iran for IRGC Brig. Gen. Hossein Hamedani, KIA in Syria during battle with ISIL.

Lebanese Hezbollah fighting formation armed with Iranian DIO DIO S-5.56 equipped with telescopic sights, during address by IRGC-QF Commander Qasem Soleimani at Latakia Governate, Syria.

Lebanese Hezbollah troops provide appearance of all-volunteer professional fighting force

Iamgery of Iranian-supplied Safir ("Ambassador") tactical vehicle equipped with M40 recoilless gun, claimed to be operated by Lebanese Hezbollah at Al-Ghab during the current Russian-supported Syrian offensive.

Lebanese Hezbollah troops, claimed to be engaged on the Northern Hama front during the current Russian-supported Syrian offensive against Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda aligned armed groups and ISIL.

Lebanese Hezbollah soldiers claimed depiction at various locations during current Russian-supported Syrian offensive. Left soldier equipped with Dragunov SVD-S sniper rifle, left soldier equipped with AK-type assault rifle.

Heavily armed members of Iran-backed Iraqi-Shia militia group outfitted in what may be IRGC-supplied BDUs, claimed depiction at or around Aleppo during the current Russian-supported Syrian offensive against Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda aligned armed groups and ISIL.

Iran-backed Iraqi-Shia militia group members equipped with what may be Toofan ("Typhoon") Iranian-variant of BGM-71 TOW launcher.

Iran-backed National Defense Force members, claimed photographed 13OCT15 at Quneitra Governate upon recapture of Tal Ahmar.

Iran-backed Imam Al-Baqir Brigade members, a Shia-Syrian formation of the Syrian National Defense Force (NDF)

Technicals belonging to Iran-backed Imam Al-Baqir Brigade, a Shia-Syrian formation of the Syrian National Defense Force (NDF), at Aleppo Governate.

Iran-backed Imam Al-Baqir Brigade member equipped with PKM type general purpose machine gun, at Aleppo Governate

Iran-backed Imam Al-Baqir Brigade vehicle equipped with ZPU-4 anti-aircraft gun, at Aleppo Governate

Background, right: T-55 tank among members of Iran-backed Imam Al-Baqir Brigade at Aleppo Governate

SyAA/NDF members claimed photographed at recently captured Ashtani village in Hama, during Russian-supported Syrian offensive against Al-Qaeda, Al-Qaeda aligned armed groups and ISIL.

Photos: social media, internet


Anonymous said...

Not a single one with body armor or kevlar, no wonder the casualty rate of so high.

Mark Pyruz said...

Interesting read:

Vietnamization 2.0 by Col. Bacevich, USA (Ret.)


Anonymous said...

What is with Syrian forces affinity for nearly useless soviet era armor , They only make themselves an easy target for takfiris . Protected fire power that is supposed to be MBT and IFVs are so lacking here .

Anonymous said...

Very astute observation. Most people with military experience have been pointing that out for years now. The Syrians antiquated T-55 are cannon fodder for the TOWS the US, Turks, Qataris and Saudis have been providing the terrorists. Moving old tanks without ERA (explosive reactive armor) and without accompanying infantry in BTR/BMP is suicidal in the age of very accurate laser guided ATGMS. The Saudis are getting slaughtered in Yemen for the same weakness as the Kornet E can lock on at over 1000 meters and even any sub-IQ terrorist can get a TOW lock on a tank at 500 meters. Only moving mobile and then dismounted infantry to support an armored assault works in combination with air and helo support. The Zionists also made the same mistake in Southern Lebanon and misplaced their trust in the Merkava that fared no better. The SAA and Iranian problem seems to be lack of well trained and professional officers who under the modern battlefield. The SAA has also failed to utilize helicopter support for its penny packet unsupported tank assaults running into a wall of ATGM. There needs to be serious rethink of COIN in Syria as things will only get worse as the terrorists are now getting TOWS and MILAN in the hundreds by their sponsors.

Anonymous said...

Those are captured enemy tanks. Trophies!
SYRIA SAA USE T 82s new Russian Tanks
And if you think these guys are in full battle gear posing for a Kodak moment then that lets me know that no body knows anything about field Combat on this blog. Except me.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, there is no T-82. The most prolific Russian tank in the T-72 or T-90 in Russian Federation service. The Ukrainians had a T-84 but fizzled out by 1990's as Kharkov plant could not get Russian parts.

Development of the T82 started in December 1943. The vehicle was put on trials in August 1944.

You are about 8O years out of date on military matters.

Anonymous said...

Youre wrong check your facts

Anonymous said...

I think he meant T-84 otherwise T-82 is an ancient tank. 2 digits is not a big deal give him a break! :)

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter what type of old T-series tank they are.The fact remains that all old soviet tanks are death traps.That's why the Russians have introduced the new Armata t14 tank series.