Friday, October 23, 2015

Iran Navy Sina-class fast attack craft dock at Astrakhan, Russia

Russian media imagery of arriving Iran Navy Sina-class fast attack craft on 21OCT15 at Astrakhan, Russia. Note: the larger, deep-draft IRINS Damavand (77) Moudge-class frigate (FFGH) remains anchored at sea at the entry to the Volga-Caspian Canal.

Navigating the Volga-Caspian Canal into Astrkhan
Foreground: IRINS Joshan (P225) Sina-class fast attack craft (PGGF)
Background: IRINS Peykan (P224) Sina class fast attack-craft (PGGF)

IRINS Joshan (P225) Sina-class fast attack craft (PGGF) approaching dock at Asrtrakhan, Russia

IRINS Joshan (P225) Sina-class fast attack craft docking assisted by Russian Naval dock worker

IRINS Peykan (P224) Sina-class fast attack craft (PGGF)

IRINS Peykan (P224) Sina-class fast attack craft approaching dock at Asrtrakhan, Russia, with dockside Russian Naval band accompaniment.

Iran Navy Sina-class fast attack craft successfully docked at Astrakhan, Russia

IRIN Capt. Ahmad Reza Bagheri in command of the flotilla, at the gangway

IRIN Capt. Ahmad Reza Bagheri (R) and Russian Navy captain 1st rank of Caspian Flotilla (L) address the press

IRIN Capt. Ahmad Reza Bagheri receiving Russian traditional offering of bread and salt

Artesh contingent includes army colonel (L1) and two navy lieutenant commanders, commanding officers of IRINS Joshan (R1) and Peykan (R2).

IRIN Capt. Ahmad Reza Bagheri shakes hands with Russian Navy captain 3rd rank

IRIN Capt. Ahmad Reza Bagheri returns salute to Russian Navy captain 3rd rank

IRIN Capt. Ahmad Reza Bagheri with ranking officers of Artesh delegation at Astrakhan, Russia

IRIN officers aboard Sina-class fast attack craft, behind DShKM type heavy machine gun

IRIN master chief petty officer (foreground) and chief petty officer (background)

Commanding officer of IRINS Joshan (P225) fast attack craft

IRIN lieutenant junior grade below Furono radar antennae, aboard IRINS Joshan (P225 fast attack craft

Photos: Michail Varlashin at


Anonymous said...

All that power!!

Anonymous said...

A fast attack boat in Caspians , hmmm .
Who are they supposed to be attacking ?

swakil said...

Hopefuly the Azerbaijanis. Mark my words: those people are NOT to be trusted.

Anonymous said...

This boat only good for fighting somali pirates in the gulf of Aden. While this fat admiral enjoying a junket in Caspian. Iran's small time navy is a joke. We should stick with handing tofang to Araab tribal in Iraq and call it quit.

All these pics are an embarrassment. Russians probably laugh at our poverty.

Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that Iran should Azebaijan?

Anonymous said...

Purpose of this ship is to defend against small force (commando)being dropped in Caspian sea to attack economical target. oil platform or ports. It has anti aircraft missiles to defend itself and the platform, and anti surface missiles for small crafts. because it is small it is fast when it attack the small force. It is not for an attack against Caspian littoral state. It cannot fight Russia. Hell no country can/or want to fight Russia they can only start it. As for the comment about Azarbijan. they are neighbors no conflict there to be resolved militarily. All Caspian sea states are in negotiation to resolve their undersea bed deposit through negotiation. If Iran had an eye on their states they would have accepted their request to join Iran after the USSR break up.

swakil said...

What? What are you talking about? Which states have asked to join Iran?

Anonymous said...

Swakil youre a rude and ignorant bigot. Azeris make up 16% of Irans population and many leading Iranian political figures are Azeri.

Anonymous said...

Dear Swakil,
Both Azerbaijan and Armenia wanted to REJOIN Iran after USSR break up. Iran refused. read "Treaty of Turkmenchay" please. It is well known to Persians the treachery of British first Breaking treaties in war against Russia. Also worthy of note causing the genocide, and great Famine of 1917-1919. Trades and contact is where future for these states is at. they are increasing it everyday. No enemies there sorry to disappoint some.

Anonymous said...

Anon 0914
Neither Armenia nor Azebaijan want in their right mind to join a medieval theocracy , not in a thousand years .

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon
Historical facts stands whether you like it or not.Want is different than wanted. What they want now may be very different today after years to care for themselves. I do not assume to be as knowledgeable as you to know what all the peoples in two different country want. Without intending to defend, Iran is a theocracy. it's the The 9th country in the world has a satellite in space. For medieval theocracy you go to Saudi's and it's affiliates the ISIL in Syria and Taliban's in Afghanistan.

swakil said...

I am referring to the oppressive government of the republic of Azerbaijan, not to everyday azeris. Lighten the hell up. I am part Azeri myself.

swakil said...

Dear Anon,
Please provide facts for your assertions that the Azeris and Armenians wanted to "rejoin" Iran as I have never heard this anywhere else. As I recall, right after the breakup of the USSR, Azerbaijan and Armenia were at each other's throats over Nagorno-Karabakh. I have never heard of anyone wanting to "rejoin" Iran.