Friday, March 21, 2014

IRINN interviews deviser of Zulfiqar main battle tanks (Persian)

YouTube clip containing IRINN interview of Zulfiqar MBTs deviser Brigadier General Mir-Younes Masoumzadeh. Split screen imagery includes file footage of Iranian tanks performing field gunnery practice and maneuverings.


Bahram said...

In respect to the model of Abrams tank that fought in the 1st gulf war and Operation Iraqi Freedom they were M-1A1s in 1991 and M-1A2s in 2003. M-1A3 has not been rolled out as of yet. Can anyone ID the hull target on the range? to me it looks like an M-47.

Anonymous said...

Zulfiqar will be a rude surprise for the Yankees when the time comes. Abrams may have stronger armor, nothing else. They are the same in others respect. It has a powerful 125mm smoothbore gun. It has a digital firing computer which gives the crew fire on the move capability and it's equipped with a gun stabilizer and a laser range finder and a warning pod which alerts the crew whenever the opponent tries to target them. BTW, Abrams has a much higher fuel consumption thus less endurance.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Only Tanks that Iran have that can do anything is the Chieftain-if they upgraded it-other tanks I see are T-72 upgraded era armor-but still it's still doesn't have crew security meaning ammo stowed on it's side-1 penetrating shot it will blow up with turret flying in the air.

The so called M1-clone looks like a crappy tank.

M-48's there toast unless you upgrade like Israel did with there's meschach-6's with 120mm gun-better reactive era armor-otherwise it's a deathtrap.

Best tanks you have are Chieftain/T-72's that's M1's will eat T-72's Chieftain will give it a fight if the crews are

T-72's 1st gulf war were cheap T-72's-hand crank turrets/bas ammo-poorly trained troops/same with T-55's

M1's can be thirsty but you can change engine to be more fuel efficient-but it's armor far superior then Iran has except the Chieftain.

Russians have T-90's upgraded different flavours there latest T-90MS looks good-if they were build T-9*
Black Eagle tank with new supposed 155mm tank gun with ERA around it and fire control-could of gave M1-a run for it's money-but only 2 prototypes were made and the tank co went out of business unless Russians will surprise everyone like WW-II and role them out by surprise.

M-1A1/A2-Lepaerd A5-A7/Challenger-1/2/Lecleric/Black Panther/Type-90/10/T-90MS/T-84-opolate/-and others are best you got in the world.

It's also the Ammo/training/can you get 1st hit and will your ammo do damage or bounce.....

Zulfiqar on what I've seen it's junk-and didn't really see it much on the y-tube vid-just T-72's/covered
Zulfiqar/freshly painted M-48 ready for target practice-itself-with only 105mm gun-unless if it had good ammo-good thing We"USA" got ride of it-T-72-outclassed it.
But hey Isreali's M-4-SuperSherman&Centeroins w/90's/105'smm guns outclassed T-55/T-62's in 6 day war but
Isreali's are excellent Tankers