Wednesday, December 11, 2013

PM Lavrov's aircraft in Tehran

Operator: Russia State Transport Company 
Aircraft: Tupolev Tu-204-300
Reg: RA-64057 (cn 1450744164057)  
Date: December 10, 2013
Location: Mehrabad International Airport (THR / OIII)
Photographer: Sina Shiri at FARS News Agency
Notes: Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov arrives in Tehran for official state visit.


Mark Pyruz said...

Like his historical predecessor Molotov, Lavrov appears seldom happy.

Anonymous said...

He is really not in an easy position, to be happy and gloating....

Russia faces a deployment of land based interceptors of the Western missile shield in the 2015, and a coming defense of its claims to the Arctic continental addition to watching Syrian situation outcome.

Russia has also to take into the account, that Iran will not be under a western military influence, because it would translate a commencement of Russia's demise.

As of recently, Russia has written $20 bln off from Cuban debts to they could think about an return....


B.M.A said...

RUSSIANS are that stone faced!-i think it has something to do with too much whisky and vodka!.

Anonymous said...

Was Molotov "a jew", because his biography has been specified by the Jevish Virtual Library ?

Anonymous said...


Certainly they had or will drink, because they have more headaches before them...including that $4 bln penalty..


Anonymous said...

"PM Lavrov's aircraft in Tehran". That should be FM Lavrov's aircraft in Tehran. He is the Russian foreign minister, not the prime minister.