Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tehran Wagon Manufacturing Co. plant, in Tehran

New edition photos taken at Tehran Wagon Manufacturing Company plant in Tehran. Above likely Shanghai Electric Group Company (SEGC) coaches assembled at plant to be fitted with bogies.

Inside view looking out and into SEGC type coaches, being assembled

Iranian manufacturing plant worker assembling SEGC type coach

What appear to be CNTIC/CTC double-decker railcars

Guangzhou Zhonghe Railway Vehicles Equipment air units to be fitted on assembled coaches at Tehran Wagon Manufacturing Company plant

Detail of TWMC plant workers outfitted in assembly apparel, fitting passenger grab rail

Detail of TWMC plant worker inside CNTIC/CTC coach during assembly

Older TWMC plant worker inside SEGC coach during assembly

Interior detail of coach during assembly at Tehran Wagon Manufacturing Company plant

External view of SEGC and CNTIC/CTC coaches being assembled at Tehran Wagon Manufacturing Company plant

Front facade of Tehran Wagon Manufacturing Co. plant in Tehran

Photos: TINN.IR and FARS News Agency

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We should be able to work innovative. That means not to make the same thing evey day and years. This needs to be developed