Sunday, December 29, 2013

Iran Hopes to Implement Nuclear Deal within Month - Araqchi

Obstacles Over Interpretation of Geneva Interim Accord
Iran’s deputy FM and nuclear negotiator Abbas Araqchi expressed hope today that the Geneva interim agreement could be implemented within a month, Mehr News Agency reported today.
Araqchi’s optimism comes amid growing concerns that the nuclear talks have hit obstacles over interpretation of the 24 November interim agreement, including the types centrifuges that could be used by Iran, which announced last week that it was building a new generation of centrifuges.

“If expert-level talks (to be held on Monday in Geneva) are fruitful, a date will be decided which I guess will be at the end of January for the deal to be implemented,” said Araqchi.
“(But) the negotiations are proceeding slowly as there are misunderstandings over interpretation of some elements of the accord,” he added. (Mehr News Agency, 29 December)

Tomorrow’s talks in Geneva are aimed at setting a framework to implement the November 24 Geneva agreement, which was meant to buy time for six months so Iran and world powers could finalize a long-term agreement on the future of Iran’s nuclear program, which would also result in lifting of all sanctions against the country

Iran’s nuclear chief, Ali Akbar Salehi, said late on Thursday that Iran is building a new generation of centrifuges for uranium enrichment but they need further tests before they can be mass produced. The production of new enriching machines could be against the agreement worked out in Geneva last month, with Iran committing to freeze the amount and type of enriching machines.

Iran was also reported to have already installed some of the cutting-edge machines at a research tract of one of Iran’s enriching sites, Reuters reported on Saturday. Iran argues that it had a right to increase its enrichment capabilities in such a manner under the research and development provisions of the November 24 Geneva accord.


Anonymous said...

Eeezzzlaaamic Re-public of Eye-ran ain't fooling anybody but themselves.

Anonymous said...

What fooling? They made a deal now they are trying to work within that frame work.

Mark Pyruz said...

From the Joint Plan of Action agreement signed Nov 20, 2013:

Iran will continue its safeguarded R&D practices, including its current enrichment R&D practices, which are not designed for accumulation of the enriched uranium.

The Iranians are signaling there will be an escalation in the event a final deal is not achieved, just as there was in 2003. More than likely, they are not bluffing.

It should be apparent from the photo and video evidence that Iran's economy is not in ruins and that negotiations are not a sign of weakness and eventual surrender.

Anonymous said...
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Nader Uskowi said...

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