Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Atlas Commercial Plaza in Tehran, under construction

Work in progress at the Atlas Commercial Plaza construction site at Abbasadad in Tehran

View of excavation; lighting suggests evening work 

Artist's rendering of completed Atlas Commercial Plaza. Completed project slated to include hotel, shopping mall, restaurants, amusement park, exhibit hall and cultural center.

Artist's rendering of Atlas Commercial Plaza shopping mall interior



Anonymous said...

These artist's renderings are another example of why the terrorist regime is rooted in lies; deception is in their dna as sherman said.

There are millions of miserable buildings in iran that he could go and take pictures of and share; millions of dirty third world building. yet he posts holes in the ground followed by an artist's rendering.

This is a microcosm of the terrorist regime; nothing that comes out of their mouth or keyboards has any connection to truth. Lie after lie after lie, causing iranians to be known add the world's liars.

Anonymous said...

Would that be instead of racist zionists who are known as liars, with their hasbara shills?

B.M.A said...

Now! to be frank, let us get some honesty from you ! Mr liar.

@-these artist's renderings are another example of why the terrorist regime is rooted in lies, deception is their DNA......
1-just how do an artist's rendering of a building connect to terrorism and lies of a regime?

2- what is the deception here?- is it the building or anything?.Mark is a blogger living in the USA!,reporting on an unfinished building.He is not the artist doing the rendering, neither is HE a Government Minister!.Does not visit the country regularly with a camera in hand to get pictures of magnificent buildings while ignoring the dirty ones ,on the contrary he gets these pictures on line from inside Iran -SO how do you connect the regime-Mark -and terrorism ?

2-look how you quickly rush into a conclusion branding this post as a microcosm of the regime! without caring to elaborate or offer any explanations!.The building above is not a government project posted in the Worthington post by the establishment to brag about prosperity! -surely you are a pathetic LIAR!

Me thinks you are an obese lazy individual who eats more than what your body needs!-go hit the Gym and breath some life!.

Anonymous said...

Great points as usual, B.M.A. You are wasting your time trying reason with Anon 7:47 AM. zionists just label anything and anyone that doesn't support them, with the word "terrorism". It's a propaganda trick they use, just like the use of the words "anti-semitism".