Sunday, December 22, 2013

Underground pedestrian walkway at Valiasr intersection, nearly complete

Another municipal infrastructure construction effort nearly complete during Ghalibaf's terms as Tehran's mayor; these being all the more noteworthy for being accomplished during a period of heightened economic sanctions. This is one of the two-direction access points for the  underground pedestrian walkway at Valiasr intersection.

Underground pedestrian walkway intermediate level, with two-direction access point visible in background

Single-direction access point for underground pedestrian walkway at Valiasr intersection 

Escalator at one of the single-direction access point for underground pedestrian walkway at Valiasr intersection

Underground level pedestrian walkway with mass transit access signage

External view of sleek, modern designed access points for underground pedestrian walkway at Valiasr intersection

Initial rendering of underground pedestrian walkway at Valiasr intersection, provided as a schematic

Photos: Tasnim News


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Anonymous said...

Mark I like it when you show us Pictures of the Infrastructure in Iran, it shows the progress of the great Iranian People, who will soon be the new Sheriff of the Middle East!

AllanLachlan said...

Have they not connected it to the metro station?

Anonymous said...

All it needed was four pedestrian crossings and traffic light camera's. It would have saved an awful lot of time and money by not building this underground public toilet.

Anonymous said...

No they haven't.

Anonymous said...


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