Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sadr Expressway elevated section, recently completed

Elevated section of Sadr Expressway in Tehran, complete on the eve of public inauguration. Note the many ongoing construction projects visible in the background.

Overhead view bend at Sadr Expressway elevated section

Signage, lighting and siding details

High, stylized lighting and illuminated highway information display details

An eagle soars above competed Sadr Expressway elevated section

Stylized decor on external facing of this subsection

External view of Sadr Expressway elevated section


Photos: Mohammad Ali Marizad and Fereydoun Ghorbani at Taznim News, Hehmat Khahi at ISNA
Video: IRIB News


Mark Pyruz said...

One of those eagles nearly swooped off with our pet fox terrier, this time of year in Tehran in 1975. We found our little dog cowering in the corner of the outside front doorway of our grandmother's house, beyond us way up in the distance, an eagle perched on a top branch of what might have been the tallest tree in Shemiran.

Anonymous said...

non toll..greats

Anonymous said...

Loook vee had pavement and rahoads just like amerika. Amerika cant do a teeng.

What a pathetic inferiority complex.

Anonymous said...

"What a pathetic inferiority complex" that certain people have, therefore feeling an urge to make comments that contribute nothing and are of no relevance, yes.

Piruz Mollazadeh said...

If they don't stop naming stuff in Arabic or after Arabic figures, I'm going to have to believe that these people are really Taziani Arabs lol!

Anonymous said...

Didn't you know that this theocracy is an anti-Iranian Tazi regime?

Anonymous said...

in related news, .......... fanboy photographs soon to be provided

Invitation for International Public Tender

The Ministry of Land and Environment Protection of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea plans to build a new road between Pyongyang and Phyongsong in order to facilitate public transportation in the western region of the country, including Pyongyang.

To this end, the ministry is going to purchase equipment and materials necessary for the project through international public tender.

Anonymous said...

Ugly,ugly ugly! Why is it that they think a monstrous and ugly structure like this should be a sign of progress?

Anonymous said...

Actually it decreases traffic, thats why people like it, and thats why it was built.

Anonymous said...

and heres the view from the road:

Anonymous said...

Two Iranian Project Won 2nd and 3rd place in the world at (IPMA International Project Excellence Award 2014)
Sadr Express war & Niayesh Tunnel Expressway