Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Iran, World Powers Reach Agreement on Implementing Geneva Accord

Major Breakthrough

In a major breakthrough on how to implement the November 24 Geneva accord, Iran and the six major powers meeting in Geneva for the past two days did reach a final agreement, saying the interpretations of the accord by both sides were now “the same.” They also agreed to start implementing the accord in the third week of January. 

“The two sides managed to reach an understanding on the implementation of the agreement and now, their views and interpretations of the Geneva agreement are the same,” said Hamid Baeidinejad, director general for political affairs at Iran’s Foreign Ministry and head of Iranian negotiating team. (ISNA/Press TV, 31 December)

“Based on the agreements reached in the talks held with the P5+1 expert delegations, the implementation of the Geneva accord will start in the third week of January,” Baeidinejad added.

The implementation agreement reached in Geneva today now needs formal agreement from the seven governments and the EU, which is expected in the next few days. 


Piruz Mollazadeh said...

So can Iran install its new generation centrifuges and enrich more 5 percent Uranium?

Mark Pyruz said...

Excellent news.

Anonymous said...

Interesting development.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but there will certainly be harsh repercussions from the Major Powers for going above that limit.