Monday, December 30, 2013

Iran, P5+1 Start New Round of Implementation Talks

Update - Negotiation Might Go Into Tuesday Morning 
Iran and the six world powers started a new round of expert-level talks in Geneva on Monday morning to develop a framework to implement the nuclear deal struck last month.

Hamid Baeidinejad, the director general for political and international affairs at Iran’s Foreign Ministry, is leading the Iranian delegation which includes experts from nuclear, banking, oil and transportation sectors, Fars News Agency reported.

Today’s talks began amid concerns that misunderstanding over interpretation of parts of the November 24 accord could slow down its implementation. A key sticking point appears to be how much advance information Western governments will get so they can verify that Iran is meeting its end of the deal before any sanctions are lifted. Also in dispute, is the types of uranium-enrichment centrifuges that could be deployed by Iran. The Iranian nuclear chief had announced last week that Iran was building a new generation of “cutting-edge” enrichment machines, which appeared to be in violation of the interim accord.

UPDATE: Iranian deputy foreign minister Abbas Araqchi said tonight in Tehran that the negations undergoing in Geneva might be continued past its schedule time and into Tuesday morning. (ISNA, 30 December)


Anonymous said...

Where is Mark with his threats that Iran will expand its program if the West doesn't compromise because as shown by his posts (from his residence in the USA) Iran's economy is thriving under the sanctions?

Anonymous said...

Breaking news: Babak Zanjani arrested.

Anonymous said...

The islamic terrorist thieves are thriving under the sanctions.

Anonymous said...

Agree with both 9:33 and 9:27.

Obviously it is Iran that has caved in to Western demands. Iran's dictator boasted how they would shut down the strait of hormuz if more sanctions were passed and that they would strike Israel if Syria got was all empty threats just the international community had predicted. Just because the NATO/Allies have expressed a wish to solve this problem diplomatically doesn't mean they can't do it by military force. Everything and anything military related in Iran can easily be ravaged to the point of evaporation. Now all you Bache Akhoonds may run over here with your "Hasbara shill" stickies! LOL

This regime needs to be removed ASAP.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousDecember 31, 2013 at 4:51 AM
Your post makes no sense,if they could have done it militarily why then would they have sat down and agreed to a deal that was the exact opposite of their demands for the last decade?,why did they back down and accept iranian enrichment if they had a credible military option?,you may not like to accept this but any military action would have had very severe consequences for the entire region iran is far from helpless and there are quite a few us/nato targets within easy reach of irans short ranged weapons never mind its long ranged ones,not to mention that any attack would have given iran all the excuse it would need to leave the npt,the only ones who "caved in" was the us/nato who had no choice but to accept irans nuclear rights.In future you really should educate yourself on the topics at hand before you post here that way you wont make a fool out of yourself or risk other posters calling you a "Hasbara shill"