Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Iran Could Resume 20% Enrichment in 1 Day - Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif warned that Tehran could end suspension of its 20-percent uranium enrichment in one day if the West defies the Geneva interim agreement.

“The structure of our nuclear program has been maintained and the 20% enrichment can be resumed in less than 24 hours,” Zarif said. (Fars News Agency, 18 December)

But Zarif emphasized that there is a real possibility for finding a final and everlasting solution to the nuclear standoff between Iran and the West.

“We need to remove the historical lack of confidence and the West should also be able to win the Iranian nation’s confidence,” Zarif said.


Anonymous said...

Pathetic fool negotiating when the world knows he's naked and helpless. He had better be careful or else once his regime tenure is over they won't let him back into the u.s. to live.

Anonymous said...

The "nation's confidence" doesn't include the occupying Islamic terrorist and rapist regime.

Gurney said...

The ultimate objective is zero enrichment just as Kerry prescribed. The regime that has occupied Iran for 34 years and who declared war on us, will be forced to follow instructions from the West...or else, B-2 stealth and Tomhawk Cruise missiles! Nuff said!

B.M.A said...

SO far, the most logical and befitting reply from the foreign Minister!.

@What picture do the Iranian student wishing to push for a RADICAL POLITICAL CHANGE IN THE COUNTRY IN favor of PRO western establishment have to learn from this latest flip flop of the US! .going straight for sanctions while negotiations are going on!.

very hard indeed to convince anyone that the empire is honest in its dealings !.

Anonymous said...

GurneyDecember 18, 2013 at 10:34 AM
If thats the ultimate goal then why did the west back down and accept a deal that left iran with thousands of centrifuges spinning and its stockpile of leu still in iran?,so much for being "forced to follow instructions from the West".I think you need to stop deluding yourself

Anonymous said...

B.M.ADecember 18, 2013 at 1:39 PM
Well said,the us actions have set a very bad precedent but it should come as no surprise,if any reminder was needed,that the west is untrustworthy and would try and play games like this,hopefully iran will match them and find loopholes that it can exploit as well

Anonymous said...

zero enrichment is bot the goal.... enrichment only for civilian purposes is the goal