Saturday, February 7, 2015

Zarif Warns U.S. Rouhani at Risk if Talks Fail

UPDATE: IRNA Says Zarif Has Denies Reuters Report
Reuters quoting three unnamed Iranian officials reported from Tehran today that the Iranian foreign minister has warned his American counterpart in a recent meeting that a failure in nuclear talks would result in political demise of pragmatic President Hassan Rouhani, further empowering Iran’s hardliners.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif apparently shared his administration’s concerns with Secretary of State John Kerry in their recent meeting in Geneva, adding another dimension to an already complex set of negotiations.      

A senior U.S official, however, denied that any such warnings have been received from the Iranians. “We’ll leave assessment of Iranian politics to the Iranians, but this rumor is untrue,” the official told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

Playing moderate/pragmatic card might be a negotiating tactic to persuade the Americans to give more ground, but a failure in the talks would severely undermine Rouhani’s position; as he ran for president on a platform of ending the 12-year standoff with the West over the country’s nuclear program, and putting an end to sanctions.

UPDATE: Zarif met Kerry briefly on Saturday on the sidelines of Munich Security Conference.

UPDATE II: IRNA reported today that Foreign Minister Zarif had not talked with Secretary Kerry about domestic issues. IRNA said Zarif has rejected Reuters report as "lies." IRNA did not say where Zarif made the comments. He is in Munich today attending the security conference. 


Anonymous said...

It is highly doubtful the hardliners ever reliquished their hold on Iran since day one.But no doubt there are those who are still deluding themselves otherwise.

Nader Uskowi said...

This post did not say the hardliners ever relinquished their power, but by defeating Rouhani they would enhance their already powerful position. Unless you believe Rouhani represents the hardline faction as well, which would be as delusional.

Anonymous said...

Far from from being delusional. But I know for sure that Rouhani can't move a glass of water from one table to another without the approval of the Khamenei.Just ask yourself this.Who has been in charge of the security forces in Iran since 1979? The hardliners.The day the hardliners give up is the day the regime will go into oblivion.They know this already. All this nonesense created by the regime about hardliners versus moderates is just plain charlatanism. Since Rouhani has been in the shop front of IRI politics there has been more executions in Iran. So where is the moderation in that? At the end of the day these people have their own agenda in mind and that doesn't include the Iranian people.Unless of course the Iranian people get in their way. Let me remind you in one of Khomeini's little quotes,"I say let Iran burn so long as Islam becomes victorous." Don't take that quote lightly,because Khomenei's word is gospel to the followers of the pulpit in the IRI. The conclusion is,so long as the present system remains in power the velayat-e-faqih has and always will decide the fate of the nation.

Nader Uskowi said...

But what does that mean? Should we stop any attempt to understand the dynamics of Iranian politics? After all you are saying that nothing matters except what Khamenei wants. Then in your view, is there any place for analysis of Iranian politics? Or should we just analyze Khamanei?

And why are you posting political comments on this blog; after all in your own views it shouldn't matter, Khamanie decides and has decided everything political, and any internal differences and power struggle is "charlatanism." Then if I were you, I stop participation in political discourse about Iranian politics, it might be viewed as charlatanism.

Anonymous said...

Well,many Iranians already know the art of charlatanism is part and parcel of being an akhoond. And I am no akhoond. I hope you know what velayat-e-faqih stands for? Once you know what it stands for the rest is just window dressing. Therefore what is there to understand about a bunch of predictable clerics who live in the 7th century AD? And by the way,who decided to end the Iran/Iraq war? The velayat-e-faqih did aka Khomenei by drinking the poison chalice.The same will apply to the present gentlman.Once the regime reaches the brink it reaches for that irrestible bottle.

Anonymous said...

Well said Nader,well said.