Saturday, February 28, 2015

Iranian Baluch Insurgent Leader Arrested in Pakistan

Jaish ul-Adl leader Salam Rigi was arrested in Pakistan while traveling by Bus in the country’s southwest. Salam led the Iranian-Baluch Sunni militant organization Jaish ul-Adl (Army of Justice), which has conducted a number of terrorist attacks against Iranian security forces in the Iranian Baluchistan in the past two years, including kidnapping of 5 border guards and killing of one of them last year. Jaish ul-Adl is the successor to Jundallah. Salam Rigi’s cousin, Abdolrahman Rigi, headed that organization before he was kidnapped by Iranian security forces and brought to Iran and hanged in 2010.  

File photo: Iranian border guards kidnapped by Jaish ul-Adl, February 2014. (


Anonymous said...

It is good that Pakistan is getting serious about ending Wahabbi terror groups on its soil after the Peshawar school attacks. Iran should assist Pakistan with logistics and firepower from the Sistan side (like during the Shah's time) since the Pakistani military is quite incompetent and under-armed. They have no trucks or transport and the paramilitary "Scouts" created by the British to impose peace on the uncontrollable Baluchi tribes still carry 303 Lee Enfield Rifles and have no communication gear and still wear tribal clothing with leather bandoliers. It is quite educational crossing the border by land at Taftan/Chaman from Iran. The IRGC has really beefed up its presence and there are well constructed forts every 5kms with sensors the new Iranian 23mm miniguns and above all a massive helo capability with Cobras and Mi17. The Iranian side has a 9 meter ditch almost all the way to Chab Bahar which is impenetrable and that is why the terror attacks have stopped. Most of the IRGC and border guards are ethnic Persians, Arabs and Kurds from other regions of Iran and have no local connections so they are more dedicated and imperious to terrorist infiltration. Almost all units now have armored Russian BTR's and very good quality body armor that has cut even wounded casualties to a minimum with no fatality for weeks now. The airbases at Birjand and Zahedan have very rapid ground attack capability with Mirages and F-5 and can be seen patrolling quite often. It is estimated that the eastern frontiers of Iran covering Af-Pak over1800kms have over 200,000 Artesh, Sepah, Gendarme and Border Guards all with good weaponry. The Iranian 88th Armored Division based in Sistan since the Shah's time now has ERA plated T-72 and upgraded M-60 and can be seen occasionally from Zahedan onwards along with BTR and minigun, rockets and 107mm RR mounted Safir Jeeps. The division is now broken into 3 independent brigades and officered by very capable officers. Even the border police has Kevlar vests now.

Iran has really got its border protection act together and a few hot pursuits deep into Pakistani Baluchistan have also driven home the point that Iran is deadly serious and the Pakistanis have taken note.

Anonymous said...

It's all good, except that Iran doesn't have any Gendarmerie ... and that one about Pakistan being incompetent and under-armed, simply not true.

Anonymous said...

I remember the good old Gendarmerie.They where a very high calibre and professional body of men.Something that can't be said as regards the bandit orientated IRGC.