Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Flydubai to Fly to Five More Iranian Cities

The UAE-based flydubai Airline announced today that it will begin passenger service to five more destinations in Iran: Shiraz, Isfahan, Ahvaz, Hamadan and Tabriz. The airliner already flies to Tehran and Mashhad. Flydubai said today it will have business class cabins in all its flights to Iran.

The flights to Shiraz, Isfahan and Ahvaz will start on 8, 11 and 14 March respectively, with Hamadan and Tabriz joining the fludubai network on 16 March. Fludubai has 44 Boeing 737-800 in service, with 91 additional Boeing 737 MAX 8 on order. (Al Arabiya, 17 February)

Flydubai is starting its new Iranian destinations days before the 21 March Persian New Year, when thousands of Iranian tourists fly to Dubai to attend new-year celebration concerts, which are banned inside Iran. In the long term, flydubai’s service to seven major destinations in Iran could seriously damage the businesses of Iranian airliners which fly the same routes with much older planes.

Photo credit: flydubai aircraft at Dubai Airport (flydubai/Al-Arabiya) 


Anonymous said...

once upon a time, Iran had jet planes that were safe to fly in.

Mark Pyruz said...

"flydubai’s service to seven major destinations in Iran could seriously damage the businesses of Iranian airliners which fly the same routes with much older planes"

Actually, Iran's airline passengers are currently underserved by domestic carriers, in terms of not enough planes and flights.

Take for instance Mahan Air, where 6 of the 49 aircraft are due to be phased out this year alone. And then there's Qeshm Air, where wet leasing continues to provide for an expanding airline in a relatively short time.

And since Iran Air is a national airline, it's not like it will disappear.

No, this is good news for Iran's air passengers, much like LG opening a flagship retail outlet in the center of Tehran last week.

Anonymous said...

We might as well surrender what's little left of Iran to the Persian Gulf Arabs.

Nader Uskowi said...


I don't understand the point you are trying to make here. I was not talking about domestic flights; flydubai will fly directly from each of those seven cities to Dubai. That would put immense pressure on Iranian airlines flying to Dubai, as they fly much older aircraft.

I also did not say Iran Air will disappear. That airline is government-owned and will continue flying with or without enough passengers.

I do agree with you that this is a very good news for the Iranian passengers, they now have the choice to fly from seven different cities to Dubai on some of the newest aircraft in service. Also good for the No Rouz concert goers!

Anonymous said...

I hope everybody is happy now that a tiny country like the UAE which didn't even exist a few decades ago is now a major player in the world economic arena.While a ancient country like Iran with its 80 million population and 2600 years of written history and vast reserves of oil,gas,mining and potential tourism is left wallowing in the mud with a begging bowl at hand towards these former pirates and pearl plunderers.

Anonymous said...

the flydubai makes more flight to iran, indicate the groving of Iran- Dubai 'Business which is of course a good thing,
the guys here making from it a catastrophe.

Anonymous said...

AnonymousFebruary 17, 2015 at 10:07 PM
You seem to be ignoring the simple fact that it is western sanctions that are to blame for this state of affairs not the iri government

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:50 AM
Far from it . The "simple fact" is that the "iri government" is chiefly responsible for those self inflicted "state of affairs".When you have a incompetent regime that couldn't care less for the economy and well being of Iran because of a few kilos of uranium dust and self destructive foreign policies.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:13 PM
It is a "catastrophe" because tiny Dubia has become the centre of banking,business,sea and air transport hub of the region.While Iran can't even receive payment of oil sales unless permitted by western governments.Some "resistance economy" that has turned out to be.