Monday, December 15, 2014

Al-Qassam Brigades parade at Gaza: weapon types of interest

Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades parade dated 14DEC14, marking 27th anniversary of HAMAS

Iranian Ghods Ababil-1 (“Swallow-1”) reconnaissance UAV

Starboard section of Ghods Ababil-1 reconnaissance UAV

Parade flyby of operational Ghods Ababil-1 reconnaissance UAV

Khaibar-1 (M302) 302 mm artillery rocket assemblies, said to be supplied via Iran. Note American-made Dodge Ram pickup truck.

Left: Iranian Dehlavieh (Kornet-E) anti-tank guided missile (ATGM)  launcher

Detail of Iranian Dehlavieh ATGM launcher

Detail of Iranian variant Norinco CQ-A1 assault rifle

Large caliber rocket artillery assembly marked "Qassam ??"

Rocket artillery assemblies marked "Qassam"; similar in appearance to Iranian Oghab ("Eagle")

Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades platoon parading with variety of assault rifle types

120 mm heavy mortar; similar in appearance to Iranian DIO HM-16

9K111 Fagot anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system

Man-portable air-defense system (MANPADS) launchers

Rocket propelled grenade launchers fitted with variety of different type warheads

Tandem warhead types fitted to RPG launchers

Anti-material sniper rifle, possibly Iranian DIO Sayyad-2 (Steyr HS .50) type

Ghillie-suited members of Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades

HAMAS senior political leaders Ismail Haniyeh and Mousa Mohammed Abu Marzook

Photos: Islamic Republic News Agency


Anonymous said...

No wonder the Zionists did not want to go inside Gaza and fight street by street with these well armed Hamas freedom fighters. They did some serious damage to Zionist ground troops and that is why they resorted to massive bombing of civilians. I believe many MANPADS from Libya have also made it to Gaza.

Anonymous said...

this is quite an odd comment.

Anonymous said...

My Lord..this is a well armed I have mentioned I hope the main countries in this region takes their responsibility to de-escalate... I also hope global powers do influence the main players to do so. This region needs political stability, development, peace, economic growth, fight against extremism and also education of masses. I hope decision makers can now realize that situation will soon be out of control.

Anonymous said...

Nothing odd about it if you understand military and demographic realities in the region.

Anonymous said...

So many Iranian-made weapons in the hands of terrorist Hamas , makes us question the sincerity of Iran's anti-terrorism rhetoric .Long before ISIL and Al-Qaeda , it was Hamas that made a name for itself by murdering innocent civilians . To Hell with Hamas !

Anonymous said...

Zionist occupation of Palestine has a lot to do with resistance. Do you think killing 2200 civilians, mostly women and children with 21st century US taxpayers funded weapons, F-16 and fleshette cluster bombs is normal behavior?

Anonymous said...

there's no need to question the sincerity of the Iranian government.

it's unquestionably insincere and dishonest

Anonymous said...

And how many innocent civilians have the israelis/zionists murdered?,and if you cant tell the difference between a legitimate resistance group fighting a foreign occupation like hamas and real terror groups like isis/isil or the mek then you must be blind or perhaps a supporter of zionism

Anonymous said...

oh, it's quite odd. silly and pointless. nobody wants to engage in urban warfare against prepared positions and non-uniformed fighters in a densely-populated area.

it's far preferable to use aerial bombardment

Anonymous said...

I strongly believe Israel needs to start think in bold terms and in a direction towards a permanent peace with the Arabs. If you look at the path of the last 20 years since Rabin agreed to initiate a peace (before he was killed by a Jewish extremist), the security situation for Israel has not improved. As such strategists in that country should start thinking in other terms and try to promote political leaders who are young and eager to think in new terms where peace, stability, economic growth and commerce will be the leading parameters rather than war, conflict, friction and hostility.

interested party said...

Well said, if a little optimistic.I don't see how 'strategists' could have such influence over a country's future political direction. And today might have even more reason to fear being attacked or even murdered than Rabin would've had. Sadly, I think your point regarding Israeli leaders needing to learn that their security situation will never be truly stable, has some blood letting left in it yet. If only the Europeans had some guts, and would follow Sweden's lead and recognize Palestine. If only the Europeans would take up the divestment and sanctions initiatives across the world. If only they would get behind the 'Peace Now' and 'Speak up' movements within Israeli society. I wonder how widely known it is to the German tax paying public that they are half way through funding and building 6 submarines that will complete a Nuclear Triumphant for Israel. I'm guessing not, maybe they got Ukraine, Ebola, IS aka ISIS/ISIL (maybe the Europeans could help choose this boy band a acronym?), on their minds. European guilt is not all Germany's to bare, that created the travesty that is modern day Palestine. I do believe HAMAS publicly stated it would only support a two state solution if supported in a referendum by the people. I believe if they will still commit to this we have a starting point. Meanwhile the Israeli PM Bibi's latest coalition has fallen apart over the Jewishness of everyone. And openly refers to the west bank as Canaan and Galilee. Whilst courting anything from religious zealots to vodka pickled bouncers for his next coalition. The Yanks simply cannot be trusted, no matter who's in the white house, not yet. Europe could make a difference. Europe is within a strong winds blow away from "the holy land". First route on any refugee's mind. Europe, united would have the power to start pressuring Israel to start facilitating elections. Note, security in West Bank has been very good by Israeli standards for some years now. Many I'd imagine would argue because of a wall. I think it has even more to do with a change of strategy by Fatah. For which a few have been rewarded with gold but the rest of the Palestinian people have faced land requisitions, bulldozers and indiscriminate murder!

interested party said...

Is it to be assumed that now Egypt has re invented the Military Pharaoh once again, Hamas's supply of such weapons will be severely curtailed? I glean that in Gaza quite a remarkable weapons manufacture/assembly industry has materialized. For the want of key components the people of Gaza could enjoy more stability threw deterrents possibly. Can't see as they have much choice. Since they can't vote because of Israels (soon to be exclusively Jewish Israels) security concerns. Pharaohs should beware of brewing there own poison!

interested party said...

Sorry about spelling, regarding previous post. I was referring to Israels Nuclear Triumvirate. Meaning Its Air launched, Ballistic Missile Launched and now Submarine launched cruise missile nuclear weapons. That the western worlds media seems strangely shy of presenting as a fact. And how come I haven't been called anti Semitic yet?