Sunday, December 28, 2014

'Muhammad Rasullullah' multi-service maneuvers (2)

Photo highlights from 'Muhammad Rasullullah' multi-service maneuvers, day two (26DEC14) and day three (27DEC14):

NEZAJA (Islamic Republic of Iran Army Ground Force)
NEZAJA KBM 9M113-1 Kornet-E ATGM; projectile possibly Dehlaviyeh missile

Foreground: NEZAJA SPG-9 73 mm recoilless gun
Background: NEZAJA T-72S main battle tank

NEZAJA defensive fighting position, includes SPG-9 recoilless gun, G3 battle rifle, MGA3 general purpose machine gun and BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle.

NEZAJA SKDI Zulfiqar-3 main battle tank

NEZAJA M60A1 "Samsam" variant main battle tank

NEZAJA T-72S main battle tank

NEZAJA BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle

NEZAJA M113 armored personnel carriers fitted with DShK type HMGs

NEZAJA Ranger light tactical vehicle fitted with Akhgar 6-barrel rotary machine gun

NEZAJA mile-laying dispenser vehicle

NEZAJA Strela-type "Sahand" MANPADS

NEZAJA ZU-23-2 towed 23 mm anti-aircraft twin autocannon

NEZAJA officer and technician hauling Shaher 14.5mm anti-material sniper rifle

NEZAJA G3 variant "Azarakhsh" bullpup rifle

Islamic Republic of Iran Army Aviation
IRIAA Bell AH-1J International Cobra (209) type attack helicopter

Pair of IRIAA Bell AH-1J International Cobra (209) type attack helicopters

Background: IRIAA Bell 214 Isfahan medium-lift helicopter

Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force
Pair of IRIAF McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II fighter-bombers of 61st TFS, from Bushehr/Shahid Yassini TAB-6.

Five IRIAF McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II fighter-bombers at Chahbahar/Konarak TAB-10

Pilot of IRIAF McDonnell Douglas F-4E Phantom II fighter-bombers at Chahbahar/Konarak TAB-10

IRIAF Lockheed C-130 transport aircraft at Chahbahar/Konarak TAB-10

Islamic Republic of Iran Air Defense Force
Shalamcheh surface-to-air missile (SAM) of Mersad air defense system

Launch of Shalamcheh surface-to-air missile of Mersad air defense system

Photos credits:
Mahdi Marizad at Fars News Agency
Islamic Republic News Agency


Mark Pyruz said...

Apologies again, time is still tight due to holiday,and wasn't able to review materials in a more thorough manner.

Hopefully visual evidence will turn up of Fateh class submarine unveiling and "Suicide Drone" launch.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting and taking the time out to do it in the holiday season. Happy New to your and all other readers.

Anonymous said...

Mark thank you and I'll enjoy and add a bit myself :)

"Suicide Drone", to me that appears to be just another human operated radio remote controlled plane with a camera so the operator can see with to guide it, plus an inbuilt bomb so basically its a flying bomb.

They could be produced with a variety of different types of bombs depending on what fixed or mobile targets you would want to attack. But they could be spotted by infantry and brought down by automatic small arms fire, plus radar guided air defences could easily shoot them down. A large number of them could be built relatively cheaply so loosing some before getting to their targets would not be a great loss, and consider the loss to the enemy of they lost a few helicopters and the people on board due to them.

They would have their place, but many countries would tend to use some other conventional means, say to attack helicopters infantry would just use a portable shoulder fired manpad, or even a machine gun, to shoot a helicopter down.

The following is a copy from this address and where there are photos and even a video.

Ra’ad 85 "Suicide Drone"

Towards the end of September, the Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Force Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan announced that Tehran managed to develop and produce a new type drone, dubbed Ra’ad 85 (Thunder 85).

But, unlike all the other Iranian UAVs, Ra’ad 85 is a suicide remotely piloted vehicle capable of destroying both fixed and mobile targets.

According to the commander, the “mobile bomb-like drone” has been produced in various sizes in order to be used against different types of targets, including enemy helicopters.

Iran TV has recently aired a video about the brand new UAV/PGM killer drone. What is somehow surprising is that the Iranian drone (whose shape reminds the one of the Mohajer family of UAVs) seems to be patched with duct tape, that is particularly evident in the nose and gear area.

The patches may have been applied during the testing activity and considered the unmanned aircraft will be crashed into its intended target there’s no need to use state of the art technology and materials.

Still, the presence of the duct tape gives an idea of an amateurish project, even if the fact that footage includes scenes filmed inside a ground control station is a sign that Ra’ad is probably something more than a large RC model.

Fateh-class submarine - photo

Anonymous said...

Actually that could just be some footage of a drone that was shown rather than the Ra`ad 85 itself,indeed the tape looks like its there to repair damage from previous flights,which is one more thing that points to it being just an observation drone rather than some new attack drone,of course all drones have the capability to be "suicide drones",hopefully we`ll soon see some pictures of the real ra`ad 85

interested party said...

Regardless of the capabilities of the Ra'ad 85 "Suicide Drone", the fact Iran is putting an effort into a submarine launched drone tells me once again that latteral thinking is very much alive and well amongst the military thinkers in Iran. I guess the Imposed war taught the Mullahs that not all of Persia's long cultural traditions could be ignored or destroyed. When you consider the Bismark's fate was sealed by an obsolete aircraft dropping a state of the art torpedo, along with many other examples of the naval campaign's of WW 2, it should be acknowledged that through adversity the Iranian doctrines have been proven on the battlefields of Lebanon and Syria. That said it would be foolish to think this has not been noticed by Iran's enemy's.
Where the new Littoral Combat Ships coming into service, along with the first deployed lazer and rail-gun assets of the USN are deployed will make for interesting observation. If there is a high level of deployment in the gulf it may signal a shift in the thinking on the Americans part.