Monday, December 29, 2014

Iran Navy warns foreign naval vessels away from 'Muhammad Rasullullah' maneuvers

Iran on 28DEC14 claimed an Islamic Republic of Iran Navy (IRIN) Aviation helicopter warned foreign naval vessels away from its ongoing 'Muhammad Rasullullah' maneuvers. Iranian media provided photos of claimed encounter, taken from IRIN Aviation helicopter:
Photo depicts USS Gridley (DDG 101) Arleigh Burke class destroyer

Photo depicts UAENF Al-Dhafra (P 173) Baynunah class (Combattante BR70) corvette

Photos: Fars News Agency


Anonymous said...

ever hear the one about the ant and the elephant?

Anonymous said...

Captains of ships at sea probably don't have time to read the news from every country and maybe they did not know about Iran's military exercise manouvers from this news source or any other source. Maybe these 2 warships are part of the coalition of 30 nations based at Bahrain and are there to protect international ships traveling through the region from terrorists and pirates. Maybe those 2 warships detected missiles flying through the air and were on their way to investigate as possibly terrorists or pirates may have fired them in the direction of international ships in the region.

With that in mind and this news about the encounter I now wonder.
Was the encounter in Iranian territorial waters, or another countries territorial waters, or international waters?
Did the Iranian Government officially notify other countries that Iran was going to conduct a military exercise and were going to fire weapons, was the US and UAE Governments notified as those warships are from those countries and their Governments would have notified those ships Captains about the exercise, plus other Governments would have notified their ships Captains that were travelling through the region?

Well from the news we now know that the Captains of those 2 warships have heard from that helicopter that Iran was conducting a military exercise with weapons fire and those on the helicopter like to take photos of US and UAE warships and give the photos to the news media.